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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Referring to the
Oxford Dictionary

disgust 1. n. strong aversion, repugnance 2. v.t. cause disgust in

-ing suffix forming present participle verbs (asking, fighting), often as adjective (charming, strapping - or in this case disgusting)

disgusting the quality of being disgusting, distasteful, repugnant

Illustration of disgusting:

Yesterday Rich "disgusting" Coleman implied that his former colleague John van Dongen had left the BC Liberal cartel caucus, as the result of mental problems that kindly helpful disgusting "buddy" Rich had wasted hours (that his family was spared his presence during) trying to console him through. Today he backed up to the position that John's action yesterday was an abuse of the Legislature. Well, Rich should know all about abuse, his existence is an abuse of the planet.

I find the entire charade laughable. So after almost two decades Ding-Dong Jr. left because of a six million dollar payout, the fact that one of the nastiest telecomm's in the western world didn't get to name BC Place and oh yeah, he doesn't like Christy, but before that everything was just peachy keen. I think some folks are trying to blame Christy for everything that Gordo, Christy, Gary the Ferret, and the entire sleazy LIEberal Caucus has done to the people of British Columbia for well over a decade now and somehow everything will be alright.

I can't help but wonder just who Treason Steven Harper is rooting for in all this mess, the Christy Clown surrounded by his team, or the Cummins crew of clowns who are carrying the same name. Or more likely Treason Steven has TWO horses in this (he is hoping) fixed race. Of course everyday it becomes apparent that Stevie knows all about "fixing" things, and if you help him do it you might be banished to the Senate that he used to decry!

Meanwhile the thoughts of
...a constituent of one Ding Dong
......or the other:

That everyman philosopher king Mr. Beer and Hockey sums things up best in Dope City Free Press Political Desk
I live way the fuck out here with John Van Dongen. He could be my MLA for all I know. I get him mixed up with the other Van Ding-Dong MLA we have re-elected just about as often as the Conservatives have got re-elected in the dumb as stone province to the right of us on the map. The pair of them make sure we get as much lolly as we can out of the provincial treasury for roads so we we can get to the motherfucking Wal-Mart without blowing a tire or two every month....../snip

....Few people screw themselves as hard or as often as the people of B.C. do. Let's see what happens now.

That is the first and last paragraph of Mr. Beer and Hockey's analysis, it is worth your while to go to his place and read the middle.

This just in, Christy isn't concerned about John van Dongen's defection, what a surprise. She is confident that by focusing on their goals the BC liaR Party will prevail again next sprint......right! By the way, she has goals, policies and such, that is news to me! Jeepers (not)Premier Christy, that is all you could come up with in twenty four hours with help from all of Harper's men and women?


Blogger Grant G said...

Thanks Kootcoot..Do I sense a little cynicism?

Cartel was correct by the way.

Good Day

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 4:55:00 PM PDT  

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