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Monday, March 26, 2012

Après Moi
les Déluge

Cummins, I'm a Coming Over!

Well, it has just seemed to be a matter of time before the BC LIEberal Rats started to jump the sinking H.M.S Christy. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that Ding Dong McLeadfoot, previously notable for his collection of speeding tickets would be the first to abandon ship. So John van Dongen has now left the BC liaR party that apparently hates all British Columbians, except immediate family and cronies to the BC Conservatives who only hate gays, natives and other select groups. Mind you with the whole Christy Clark band of thieves composed of Harperites like Ken Bossenkool, Sara MacIntyre, it is impossible to actually tell who are the real conservatives and who bats for the CRAP team.

On the one hand Cummins should be happy to have a nominal member in the house, but then again, perhaps this puts his leadership at risk, because as dull a knife as Ding Dong Junior might be, he might be a brighter bulb than old John Cummins. If I had more friends that gave a shit about what the Canadian version of ReThuglicans did in their spare time, it would be fun to start a pool with picks for who will abandon ship next, but serious people are more concerned about Adrian Dix trying to fare jump onto the skytrain.

According to Mr. van Dongen, one of the revolving Solicitor-Generals in Victoria, forced to leave due to legal issues, he is jumping ship because:
"Every week, constituents question government actions and issues that I am not able to defend,"

This should have been happening to you for effing years...........or have you been in a coma until recently?

The full text of Mr. van Dongen's statement in the legislature is here

Meanwhile next door in
........Texas North Alberta

Alison Redford has called an election for April 23, which has all the signs of being a contest between two parties fighting over who is the most right wing nutty. If I was unfortunate enough to live there I would be voting for the candidate with the hub cap brassiere......NOT!


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