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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Have a
Fall Election

A Lecturing Lyin' Left-Wing BC LIEberal!

The creep above, is the main reason there may be an election this year, rather than waiting for the American style, Campbell enacted fixed election date next spring. In this picture he may be bragging to the crowd as he demonstrates just how big a lie he can deliver and sell. Then again he may be illustrating the size of his "biggest problem," which according to the self proclaimed greatest blogger in BC or maybe the universe, he can only see by removing his pants. More absurd than the previous suggestions above is the fact that lately it has become the new anti- BC LIEberal meme that they are too far to the left. That a government that has spent over a decade privatizing everything in sight, re-jigging the tax system to spare the rich and corporate elite the shame of paying taxes as much a possible and attacking the environment can be accused of being left wing socialist tree huggers is beyond laughable and into the realm of fantasy.

Yet amazingly Bob Plecas, a former Deputy Minister in various ministries and wannabe BC LIEberal cheerleader, who thinks that they just need to amputate their overgrown left wing, can apparently keep a straight face and say:
The Campbell legacy will not go away. While it was the perceived deceit over the harmonized sales tax that brought him down, he was rap-idly losing conservative support by moving the party to the left, supporting the carbon tax and first nations settlements.

John Cummins who was handled very gently in an extended Global feature last night, seems to think his fundie infested regressive group won't be splitting the right and thus allowing the godless commie NDP to sneak up the middle and install their chosen commissar in Victoria. NoSiree, Grandpa Daddio, Fisherman Farmer John seems to figure the NDP and Liberals will split the socialist leftard hordes and sneak into the big chair hisself. Ya see, dem damn Libs believe in some engagement with dem Injuns, cozy up with dem gays and lezzies, and then there is that left wing green gang carbon tax - the one that punishes people for staying warm, going to work and uses their money (and the money of schools and hospitals) to subsidize industry, really green ones like gas fracking, oil exploration and mineral development and processing - or regular BC working families, and institutions like schools, pay for using energy while the really big polluters are beneficiaries with "offsets" or promises to "try" and make less mess - hardly either progressive or "green." Yet according to Cummins the Libs are moving too far to the left, all while filling Christy's first string with HarperCons like Ken Boessenkool to promote Enbridge Pipeline and Susan MacIntyre to make sure Christy knows what Harper would want her to do, and tell her how to spin it so it doesn't scare British Columbians.

The unfortunate part is that the favoured resident of the Lower Vainland has options like mass transit as an option to going to work in his own truck. The logger, farmer, construction worker in the interior or north (beyond Hope) has no alternative than to be punished for not having options. Shutting off the heat in Ft. St, James would save some carbon tax, but could prove fatal, which at least spares one from paying much more in the way of taxes - unless of course dem commie lefties get in and impose the dreaded death tax, to go with their health care death panels. Apparently the brand new budget, just delivered, gives even more goodies to the Corporate pigs at the trough and their buddies in the land speculation and development game, while raising MSP premiums and actually cutting health and education once inflation is taken into account. Anyone masochistic enough, bored enough or looking for something to help with getting to sleep can examine the entire most likely highly fictional budget here (It was supposed to be posted here as soon as Birdman stood in the house or about 3:00pm - at 5:30 it still isn't there - must be that LIEberal transparency in action). Even admitting a 3 billion deficit for this fiscal year doesn't take into account all the hidden debt buried in the IPP scams, BC Ferries' funny accounting practices and regular raiding of ICBC and three P's ponzi schemes.

In 2009 the "budget" introduced by the sneer that walks like a man, Colon Hansen, was worthy of a Pulitzer for fiction and once the BC liaRs were re-elected, a maximum deficit of less than 500 million ballooned to anywhere from 2 to 3 Billion, again not counting the buried "invisible" debt involved with BC Hydro, BC Ferries et. al. Then of course the pre-election inconceivable HST was announced and implemented at the speed of light, yet apparently will still be with us until at least next year easy come, not so easy go. Of course Christy and the Birdman Falcon were able to find HST relief for their friends represented by Scab Labor King Phil Hochstein and those fat enough in the wallet to take advantage of a $42,500 tax break on a SECOND recreational home, shameful when so many British Columbians cannot afford to have even one shack.

If we are going to have Yankee style fixed elections, which I don't like in a Parliamentary system, it shouldn't happen in the Spring in the midst of the budget process. Proposing a fantasy budget as an election document and then ramming it through without debate to then drop the REAL budget after safely back with a "mandate," is just wrong. Winter can cause an election day when everyone is snowed in and summer elections are just cheating, as so many folks are off on holidays less interested in politics than any other time of year. But most folks are back to their routine in the autumn, which is why so many jurisdictions with fixed elections hold them in the fall when the kids are back in school and mom and pop are back at work, even if they are spoiled teachers with such loooooong vacations.

Christy Clark doesn't really have a mandate to destroy British Columbia for more than another year. Get the by-elections called, held and cry and then call an election for this fall - October or November 2012 and if you insist, that could be the new fixed election date.


Anonymous Grant G said...

Bob Feces Plecas is one fucked up individual..

I`ll spit on his grave when he dies, hopefully that comes soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 11:52:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears that all the extreme right wingnuts are five cents short on the dollar !

When a party fails to do what is best for the province or country (both the BC Liars and the federal Harperites), then you have the makings of dictatorial regimes. This is clearly shown in the case of the Conservative party in Ottawa.

I would dearly like to see a fall election but doubt it will ever happen as the parties want to hang on for whatever they can do.

I fully expect the BC Liberals to be soundly beaten, hopefully with next to no wins - they don't deserve any for wrecking British Columbia.

It is interesting to note that both the federal Conservatives and the BC Liberals hide behind outright lies and children and families. The Tories enlisted the help of small FN children to tell the RCMP of what was happening on their reserves !! Pinocchio Campbell hid behind his family when it was evident that the people of BC no longer thought he did a good job (9% approval rating). The list just grows - the Tories are claiming that C-30 bill to be for protecting children from pornography - how absurd they sound. Children are not mentioned once in the bill and it deals only with the abolition of privacy for the normal law abiding citizen.

Politics has never been a clean or honest calling - though I am sure a lot start off with good intentions. It is pretty evident that both the BC Lie-berals and the federal Conservatives are about as DISHONEST as one could get. The lies keep on a'coming - one after another. Before you know it, the frequency of the lying suddenly becomes the truth !!

What a load of crap - especially anything to do with the BC Lie-berals. They lied to get elected in 2001 and have lied constantly ever since. Birdbrain Falcon is just a "big liar" as is Campbell,Clark, Rich, Bond, Abbot, Hansen, Bell and all the other BC Liberal MLA's.

By the way, I enjoyed your comments.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 5:59:00 AM PST  

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