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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Andrew Coyne,
Supercilious Denial
Blind, Stupid, or just Mendaciously Deceitful?

 I was at the grocery store today and as I walked out I noticed the front page of the money losing propaganda sheet that was started by Conrad Black, not to make money necessarily but to be a colorful and flashy daily advertisement in defense of the entitled elite and GREED!  I was startled to see a colorful headline in the middle just below the banner in black and blue (a similar blue to the one I use in my titles here) that proclaimed the Post's frontpage:

The myth
It's the 1%
who are flatlining, while the
99% surge

 For some reason this eye catching fancily formatted headline or illustration doesn't appear in the online version of the column of lies. Although the commentators there give Andy kudos for proving that those concerned about inequality are WRONG, they are folks who read the Con filled Post and are either entitled themselves or confident they soon will be among the higher ups.

Since every reputable set of data indicates that the current level of inequality is even higher than it was in 1929, just before the big crash, when the banksters and fraudsters had turned Wall Street into a casino of speculation, completely divorced from an actual PRODUCTIVE ECONOMY. Every time the richie riches decide to not use the stock market to provide investment into making widgets, rockets or any other actual thing to eat, drive or sit on and decide trading imaginary paper is the way to maximize
profits and screw main street, manufacturers and builders - it always manages to end badly. It did in 1929 and kicked off the Great Depression and again in 2007/2008 which triggered perhaps the even Greater Depression which certainly ain't over yet and its even looking like it will take massive war to wise the Masters of the Universe who have highjacked the 99 percent of not-entitled, non-elite.

Last time, in 1929, at least lots of the a-holes who created the mess had the courtesy or self respect to jump out of windows - though many hung onto life and spent the next few years trying to thwart FDR, just like the current crooks are more successfully thwarting Obama and anyone in Congress who would deign to attempt to rein in their shameful GREED! So far this time they have managed to believe in socialism, but only for them, as they somehow swindled the rest of the country who were losing their jobs, savings, retirement plans and homes to bail them out. Now of course they are back to the same old highway robbery, only more so and taking bigger fees and commissions, basically ripping everybody else off, even harder. 

Dudes like the supercilious Andrew Coyne, born a son to the Governor of the Bank of Canada at the time, make it their mission to enable, excuse and explain how and why everybody is doing better, as food banks feed more of the population and homelessness reaches new highs almost monthly.  These losers should feel sorry for those poor rich folks who are "flatlining." Give me a break. 

I was really disappointed myself in the charts and other stats Andy uses to "prove" his assertions. Rather than the poor rich folks suffering and the lowlifes "surging" at best his choice of graphs shows some amount of staying static amidst already gaping inequality. But the main way Mr. Coin hides or turns the truth on its head is by concentrating on INCOME. The one percent don't live by "income," and any discussion of inequality is meaningless without taking "wealth" into consideratiion. Most of the "income" of the really rich isn't considered income, even though it COMES IN to their pockets. Thats why even a minor league rich guy (though in the lower levels of the really rich) can pay so little in taxes, the majority of the money incoming to these guys isn't income and often is invisibly stashed away out of sight of the IRS, the CRA and the Harper handicapped (more like kneecapped) Stats Can.  

This isn't a new idea that just came to Andrew, back in July he beat the same drum in Fewer people sit below the poverty line now than ever before. Why are we not talking about it?

 Little Andy isn't working alone on this deception and denial to cover the asses of the rich, no way. Countless Stink Tanks like the Fraser Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Chicago School of Economics and flapping gum operators like Kevin "I love being an asshole" O'Leary produce an unending chorus about why we should treasure the rich and someday we will benefit. Well, perhaps bar-b-qued with a good sauce. A Fraser Institute paper that spends over 30 pages telling us how good we've got it and how much better it would be if we only listened to them even lists in the bibliography this absurd citation.

Coyne, C. J. (2006). Income Inequality Benefits American Society. 
In R. Sims(Ed.),Is the Gap Between the Rich and Poor Growing?
Greenhaven Press.
I don't know if this guy is related to little Andy, but there is no link for it, I guess you gotta buy the book, after all he wants to be a rich guy too, you know! Academic publications don't generally lead to riches, but they could lead to wing-nut welfare at the Fraser Institute or Heritage Foundation.

The current situation in Europe, Canada and especially the US is not sustainable, there will be some kind of growing movement for change, it was part of the Occupy Movement and growing crowds of Greeks, Spaniards, French and even English folk that didn't go to school with David Cameron are taking to the streets, only to be put down, somewhat less violently than in say Syria or Egypt, but violent or non-violent, it will come. That is if we are here long enough. Obama might bomb Syria and then Russia or even Syria itself with sophisticated Russian anti-ship missiles might take out an American aircraft carrier or destroyer of shoot down an F-18 or F-22 or two and then who knows. Maybe we'll wind up getting out of this depression the same way we did the last one and work wonders on the population problem at the same time. At some point everybody isn't gonna just be happy sitting on the sidelines watching the USA play Bad Cop where ever and when ever in the world it wants to do so!


Blogger Grant G said...

A pleasure to read, soft snark..trippin into the Coyne absurdity zone..

Cuz you know, duhhh..Fraser Institute said you can raise a child on coupons.

Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 1:31:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous e.a.f. said...

Great post!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Whatever Andy is trying to peddle, he is obviously out of the mainstream loop. Perhaps he could go take a reality check and live with a family who is making min. wage. He can try it out for a month and see how well that works. You know all those idiots who go around espousing its all going so well for the non elites, never try to go out and live like the rest of us.

How can things be getting better when the food banks are the only business whose business is increasing. Thrift shops have more cars in front than non thrift shops.

For many families the only thing which is stataining them is generational wealth. that is the money aging baby boomers have inherited from their parents. That is being used to help their retirement and get the grandchildren established in life. Once that money is gone, the real economic realities will hit the fan and it won't be pretty.

Things have gone down hill since Eisehower was president. The elites have targeted health, education, unions, anything which stands in their way of making larger profits. Corporations send work off shore, bring in foreign workers, pay min. wage. This will not end well. At some point people will have nothing left to loose and the rioting will begin in earnest.

Things like the Vancouver hockey riots don't happen in a vacumn.

Friday, September 6, 2013 at 5:36:00 PM PDT  
Blogger kootcoot said...


Thanks, but I disagree to a degree. Though the days of DDE were mellow, especially after WWII and all, things really started to go downhill for the poor, the middle class and working people in general with the election of Ronnie Raygun in the Excited Snakes, Maggie Thatcher in the UK and Lyin' Brian here in Canada.

The stooooooopid Aussies just elected their version of Steven Harper, a climate change denier, immigrant hater who is gonna "fix" everything. What would anyone expect from the descendents of criminals? What's our excuse for Harper?

Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 12:16:00 PM PDT  

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