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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Give Me a Break

Oh Peter, the boys are all being so mean to me, sob!

Helena Guergis, the soap opera that threatens to overtake the Guiding Light for longevity, decided to break her silence yesterday by granting an interview to Peter Mansbridge that was televised on the National last night. I've rarely seen such a self serving performance and was almost embarrassed for Helena myself, even though I have absolutely NO sympathy for her or her slimey husband.

The whole perfomance should have been accompanied by the Eagles song "Lying Eyes."
City girls just seem to find out early,
How to open doors with just a smile.

In the course the interview, which I think Mr. Mansbridge conducted with dignity, she pulled out just about every trick pretty girls use to get what they want or to hide their lies. The tears almost on command, the quivering lips and chin and little girl pleading voice - they were all in evidence. But evidence of anything was completely lacking other than her repeated assertion that she was completely mystified why these terrible things were happening to her and her sterling husband Rahim.

The rumors, arrests, dropped drug/impaired charges, phoney letters to editors from aides to editors, and other questionable behaviour has been going on for months, but King Steve only banished her from his court a month and a day before the interview. Hell, John Les has been under investigation for how many years now, Basi-Virk is looking to become multi-generational, and Kash Heed was under investigation for almost a year before he stepped down the first time. By the way, she also has in common with all of the above that she didn't do anything wrong. I can't remember a politician EVER being accused of anything and saying, jeepers creepers you know I did that, and I'm sorry - until they are actually convicted and the mugshots from Maui are everywhere. Richard Nixon of course was not a crook and Kash Heed was exonerated already, no matter how compromised his exonerator may have been.

About the only thing that the apparently empty headed beauty (aren't they all?) could think of to explain why everybody was treating her so mean was that Stevie and Rahim don't like each other (mind you who could like either one of them?). I'm sure Stevie doesn't like Rahim, after all he did the almost impossible and unforgivable - he lost his seat in ALBERTA to the dreaded NDP.

One can't blame her for wanting to know the charges against her, but as far as lack of due process goes, it isn't as if she has been sentenced to jail or even charged with anything and when it comes to being in cabinet or even caucus, that is the PM's call at his pleasure (or in her case, displeasure).

At the CBC website commenter maxclover may have hit the nail on the head with:
Sounds like Guergis wants to know which of her tracks to cover.

I would like to suggest, since Ms. Guergis is so obviously in denial, or just using the time tested strategy of deny, deny, deny, all the way to the electric chair - that Peter Mansbridge invite the arresting officer that pulled over Rahim, on that infamous evening that cost him a $500 fine for stuff that would have most people walking for months if not in jail, for an interview. I have heard that the OPP detachment that pulled him over is not pleased with the way the case was handled and the implication that they screwed up. Helena has no idea how or why cocaine was found in Rahim's jacket pocket (and everybody in the pen is innocent). It is hard to even give a microgram of credibility in this day and age to anyone who doesn't reside in a monestary (and it seems weird stuff happens even there) who claims to have never seen or done drugs - even members of Harper's Taliban.

I would advise Helena to be patient, it has only been a month and there is so much sleaze and crime in Ottawa, Victoria, Fraserview and across Canada that it may take awhile for them to get around to her case. And then there is all the tasering, in custody beatings and killings and butt covering that the RCMP has to accomplish with only 24 hours in a day. But with the allegations and actual things that HAVE obviously occured, Stephen Harper would have to be an idiot (and Stevie is a lot of bad things, but not an idiot) to let her sit in his cabinet, or caucus unless and until matters are cleared up. The idea that she has NO IDEA what anything is about is LAUGHABLE.

We'll all be watching!

At the link above or here one can watch the entire interview.


Anonymous Grant G said...

Another sizzling post Kootcoot...Although Kootcoot....

Those quivering lips and tears were enough to give me pause...

I always was a sucker for a Skirt, cracker crumbs acceptable.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 2:23:00 PM PDT  

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