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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kash and Karry On,

Creepiness Personified!

not so fast, take Heed

So in less than a month Kash Heed, who apparently has never left a position without being under a cloud, has been cleared by yet another "oh so" Special Prosecutor in what passes for a Justice System in British Columbia. It must take a lot longer for the powers that be to figure out some way to clear real estate manipulator John Les of any guilt in the questionable re-zoning in Chilliwack under his watch. Maybe the Libs just haven't found a "special" enough prosecutor or investigator - give 'em time.

However Michael Smyth of the (shudder) Province, who has been on the Heed case from the get go weighs in this morning on the apparent exoneration of Kash and Karry On.

Yup, the hits just keep on coming for the battered Libs, though they did their best to put the best spin on the situation, by emphasizing Heed had been exonerated by special prosecutor Terrence Robertson.

But consider this: Robertson said he cleared Heed because the former West Van police chief didn't know about the allegedly dirty deeds going down — and Heed would not have sussed it out even if he had exercised "reasonable diligence."

Interestingly, Heed told reporters last month that he didn't know anything about the smear tactics against the NDP in his riding, even though the campaign uproar over the illegal Chinese-language pamphlets at the centre of the scandal were reported at the time in the media!

What does all that say about Heed's skill as an investigator, when he would not have been capable of sniffing out alleged wrongdoing? Sherlock Holmes he ain't.

Mr. Smyth goes on to say that in spite of BC liaR claims to the contrary, that Heed's seat itself should be perhaps considered vacant if skullduggery was used to win election. After all, less than 400 Chinese votes would have made the former cop eligible for EI and there are still questions about whether or not the campaign violated finance rules. Mr. Smyth closes his piece this morning thus:

If Heed's brain trust ends up getting busted, the only fair outcome would be a byelection. And this one should be slime-free.

For more comment on this situation from Michael, written shortly after Kash stepped down check out Just how much did Kash Heed know?

Reply from Gordo to John Wood

Yesterday I published a letter that John Wood sent to various people including me aned our most wondrous leder, Gordon Muir Campbell. Unlike what happens when I communicate with my elected representatives, John did get a reply - and promptly at that. Of course it certainly strikes me as a WEIRD reply from an elected official to a citizen he is supposed to represent.

----- Original Message ----- >
From: "De Wit, Antoinette PREM:EX" >
To: "John Wood" >
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 4:45 PM>

Your message>>

To: Nathan Cullen; Jack Layton; Michael Ignatieff; Stephen Harper> Cc: BC Federation of Labour; James.MLA, Carole A LASS:EX;> Simpson.MLA, Bob LASS:EX; OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX> Subject: OFFSHORE DRILLING AND EXPLORATION IN CANADA - SPECIFICALLY> WEST COAST AREA> Sent: Mon, 3 May 2010 00:20:55 -0700>>

was deleted without being read on Mon, 3 May 2010 16:45:51 -0700

John's comment about this reply is as follows:

My only comment is that it seem as if the premier has no concerns over pollution potential, of the type currently> being seen in the Gulf of Mexico. I don't know if this is because of arrogance or stupidity, but it does show irresponsibility and a major lack of concern on the part of the office of the Premeier of BC

I mean how can our elected officials represent us if they don't give a flyin' fuck what we think? Of course I've known that for years, but maybe, just maybe more and more of the people that have been electing these assholes are starting to realize how irrelevant they are in the greedy and sleazy agenda of Campbell and Company!

Heck Gordo, even your buddy the Guvernator Hummer Fleet Operator Arnie and ReThuglican Governor Crist of Florida are having second thoughts about offshore drilling - are you smarter than them or just as John suggests more arrogant or stupid, (or my guess even more avaricious - a fancy word for GREEDY)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole point of being a dictator is to disallow democracy.

This man must be mentally impaired and needs to be stopped!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 6:43:00 AM PDT  

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