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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Some Prosecutors are

BC Supreme Court in Session

Even though just living in British Columbia tends to acclimate one to a constant background of sleaze, sometimes it just gets even weirder than one could imagine. The Kash Heed situation alone is enough to cause terminal whiplash in anyone trying to pay attention. The only thing that remains consistent in the whole affair is the fact that Kash Heed himself is as pure and free of sin as the driven snow, well according to Kash anyway. It has become evident that being appointed Solicitor-General of the corrupt Campbell Regime is kinda like purchasing a StairMaster™.

The appointment of a special prosecutor was originally designed to deal with allegations of wrongdoing that might involve members of government. The idea was that the normal crown prosecutors might have a problem (feel intimidated etc.) if it seemed necessary to pursue charges against their "bosses" as it were. Thus an impartial legal mind from outside AND unrelated to government would be called in to investigate the situation and recommend charges if necessary in an impartial manner.

However under Herr Campbell the entire term "Special" as applied to prosecutors has taken on a whole new meaning - i.e. someone who will handle the case in a "special" way. Perhaps the most "special" of all prosecutors is Wild Bill "I might even show up in court, occasionally" Beradino. During the Everywhichway investigation which led to the infamous raid on the legislature and the mock trial of Basi, Virk and Basi, the government reached WAY OUT to find a special prosecutore and decided the most likely to be unbiased would be Wild Bill, the former law partner of the current Attorney-General Geoff Plant. Hmmmmmm.....that seems reasonable......NOT!

Then we come to Terrence Robertson, for the first time for the purposes of this post. After StoneWally Oppal the Attorney-General at the time was disappointed that neither Richard Peck nor Leonard Doust would recommend charges against the polygamists at Bountiful, Wally reached down the bench for, voila, Terrence Robertson, who as it turned out came up with the preferred recommendation to lay charges against Blackmore and another individual. Of course now Wally himself is a defendant against allegations of "prosecutor shopping." (see Oppal orders third special prosecutor in Bountiful case)
June 2, 2008

A third special prosecutor has been hired to review the voluminous RCMP files on the polygamous commune of Bountiful, B.C., to determine whether charges are appropriate.

Terrence Robertson is the latest in the string, following two others who recommended that criminal charges not be laid. They were hired after lawyers in the attorney general’s criminal justice branch reviewed the police file compiled between 2004 and 2006 and said a prosecution would not likely succeed.

Both of the previous special prosecutors — Richard Peck and Leonard Doust — concluded that Attorney General Wally Oppal should refer the Criminal Code’s anti-polygamy section to the B.C. Court of Appeal to determine whether the prohibition on plural marriages is constitutional and doesn’t offend the section that guarantees freedom of religion.

In his directions to Robertson, Oppal wrote that he disagreed with Peck’s analysis that a prosecution would likely not succeed and he disagreed with Doust’s conclusion that prosecution would be unfair.

So now we come to this month's shiney object, watching Kash Heed step up and step down and step up and step down........You would think that in a caucus of almost 50 MLAs that the Campbell Crime Family could find JUST ONE member not under investigation or convicted of something that could play top cop, but apparently not. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, that when a compliant "special" prosecutor was necessary to look into allegations of electoral shenanigans in Kash's election in Vancouver-Fraserview, who could be better than Terrence Robertson, who had already proven that he knows what to do in the "special" position.

During the last 24 hours one has almost needed a 24hr news channel to keep up with the twists and turns. Late Monday it was announced that not only had Mr. Robertson recommended laying about a dozen charges against two of the top officials in Kash's questionable campaign, but he also stepped beyond his jurisdiction into judge and jury land to EMPHASIZE how pure and clean were the hands of Kash and Karry. Then yesterday at about 4:00pm PDT, it was announced that Kash was back at the cabinet table in charge of law enforcement in BC once again. Then according to the CBC just over an hour later:

The special prosecutor who cleared newly reinstated solicitor general Kash Heed of wrongdoing has resigned.

Terrence Robertson quit the job on Tuesday, saying his law firm, Harper Grey LLP, donated $1,000 to Heed's political campaign. The news came just hours after B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell announced Heed had been reinstated as solicitor general.


In a letter outlining the reasons for his resignation, Robertson said he was aware of the contribution before taking on the investigation, but said he "did not believe that it was a conflict of interest" that would preclude him from acting as special prosecutor.

Robertson said that upon further reflection, he has concluded that continuing as special prosecutor would provoke "comment from the public and the media" as to whether he is sufficiently independent.

Robertson said he has "complete confidence" his investigation was entirely objective.

I'm pretty confident that Kash's Mom would be objective too, Terry.

Also, I'm sure everyone feels better because Ding Dong Senior (as oppossed to little Ding Dong Dongen, another failed Solicitor-General) is MAD about this.

Attorney General Mike de Jong told reporters he was disappointed by Robertson's resignation.

"It's frustrating, you know? I'm angry," he said.

As the StairMaster™ works overtime!

10:41am PDT: about an hour ago

Kash Heed stepped down (again) as Solicitor-General!

But I'm certain he still did NO WRONG (according to him)!


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