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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


 4:53 PM - Starts out bad for the Prez. Of course very few votes are counted yet, but Politico has already given the Man from Bain 13 Electoral Votes (referred to in future as EV) to 3 for Obama. But this is based on the state that separated from the Commonwealth of Virginia, because they didn't need black slaves, the whites were willing to do dangerous, hard work for less than it cost to feed and house slaves, West Virginia and Kentucky, whose junior senator is so Randian, that is his name, so what can anyone expect. 

Obama actually is leading 49.6 to 48.9 in West Virginia at the moment, but Politico has already called it because West Virginians love dem coal mines that so many of them die in and we all know that Obama HATES coal.  Obama has a strong lead of 3 to 1 with over a third of the votes counted in Vermont.

Meanwhile in the Indiana Senate race, Mr. "Rape is a Woman's Gift from God" Mourdock was leading earlier, but now with almost a quarter of the votes counted, Donnelly the Democrat is leading with over 50 percent to just under 44 percent for Mourdock - a Libertarian is scooping almost 6 % in this race. 

Meanwhile, Independent Bernie Sanders appears to have his Vermont Senate seat locked up.  

 4:53 PM - Now less than twenty minutes later they're calling it Obama 64 EV to RMoney 40 as Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware have been put into the Big O column. Interestingly of the counted votes RMoney leads the Big O by over 200,000, luckily the retarded types tend to live all bunched together in Appalachia and former states from the Confederacy.

 6:24 - Wild Swings, polls still open in Virginia (where they quit reporting for 90 minutes) because of line-ups, the same in Florida, though with just shy of seven million votes counted it is a dead heat  50-50. I'm following this on CBS, NBC, PBS and online at politico. I have somebody else monitoring Faux for me, so I don't have to watch them yell and snort. The projections vary wildly from site to channel. Politico has RMoney 154 to Big O 109 while others call it R-154 and the Big O - 144. 

Interestingly while Obama can be assured to carry his two home states of Hawaii and Illinois (not to mention Mass. where he studied law) while it would seem that Romney especially and even Ryan aren't liked that much where people know them. Romney is getting smeared in Mass and Michigan has been called for Obama for awhile now. Most folks don't think Romney can carry Wisconsin either, even though the VP candidate is from there. 

Uncle Joe Biden's side seems to have Pennsylvania, where he was born and Delaware where he serves and lives. People, that should tell you something.  Hell's bells, LBJ carried Texas ALWAYS and Kennedys couldn't lose in the Bay State.  

6:38 - Elizabeth Warren leading the pickup driving boy toy of Wall Street Scott Brown by five points with almost a third of the votes counted for Ted Kennedy's old seat. Faux is really bummed out about Scott Brown.

8:03 - With about 90 percent reported in Florida Obama has a point or so lead, the Romnoids are concerned. Elizabeth Warren has won and Pickup Patronizer has conceded after his two year career as a Senator.

8:25 PM - CNN, CBS, CBC, and everybody's dog has called it over and

Barrack Obama Re-Elected

Well, I can hear the ReThuglican teeth gnashing already, all the way from here, because Romney might win the popular vote, yet lose the election. Of course they won't care that the same thing happened to Al Gore in 2000 and three or four other times. Don't forget either that two of the bluest states, New Jersey and New York just suffered a major catastrophe and many Democratic votes may have gone bye the bye due to people being away from home (assuming they still have one). The last I looked the Marijuana Legalization initiatives were leaning towards the yes side in both Oregon and Washington. The Republican blame game has probably already started and by 2016, half of their angry old white men will be dead and Latinos and Afro-Americans will outnumber whites, especially angry old rich assholes. So Mitt the Mutt can go back to Vulture Capitalism and hey Barry, let's get onto some REAL CHANGE NOW, shame, threaten or whatever you have to do, do it to get those TeaBaggers in the House either working for the country or out on the street in 2014!  

8:44 PM - In Wisconsin Dem Baldwin is leading popular multi-term former governor Tommy Thompson in the Senate race by over three points with almost two thirds of the votes counted. Maca Maca Mouth George Allen looks to be history in the Virginia Senate race. Overall a good night for Dems in the Senate, now strike the god damned filibuster bullshit that requires a sixty votes of a hundred to go to the bathroom in the upper chamber.

 9:22 PM - It is only obvious that Obama has won the election, even if the Diebold operatives and Tagg manage to flip votes in Ohio during the night, like in 2004:
 In one Ohio precinct, exit polls indicated that [Presidential candidate John] Kerry should have received 67 percent of the vote, but the certified tally gave him only 38 percent. The odds of such an unexpected outcome occurring only as a result of sampling error are 1 in 867,205,553. [emphasis added]
 But Obama has enough EV with or without Ohio, yet not surprisingly mean spirited Mitt is refusing to concede. Somebody should remind Mitt that unlike George Bu$h the Lesser, Mitt's daddy never was Preznit, even though like Mitt he tried - and frankly would have been a better president than Mitt (of course there was that being born in Mexico thing with  George Romney, but Trump was just a child then, if that and Sheriff hadn't learned about being a birther back in the fifties - if he had even been hatched then.

Mitts no party hall is a joy to observe, I love the look of disappointed ReThugs in large sad groups.........


Blogger Grant G said...

Game, set, match..including popular vote.

And hello pundits from CNN and other stations..

Popular vote win plus 331 electoral college votes aer indeed a...

Strong mandate, the haters be damned..

Thxs Kootcoot..

Good Day

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 9:07:00 PM PST  

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