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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

not so Dumb &
Reconsidering Redford
In yesterday's post I may have given Ms. Redford more props for smarts than she deserves. Of course a slobbering lobotomized gibbon would appear to possess rare wisdom, placed next to BeeCee's own version of a hybrid between Sarah "Tundra Trailer Trash" Palin and Snooki - our photo-op seeking pretend premier Christy Clark.  According to the plagiary prone Glop and Pail , the meeting between the belles of the west was in a word (the belles' word) 'frosty!'

Of course I wasn't in the room when these two met, so I know not what our bubbling fountain of bullshit may or may not have said. However Christy's excuse for a Five Point plan regarding Northern Gateway has been very well publicized and as a graduate of law school I would think Alison can read. However the "not so" in yesterday's title banner had to be stricken because Alison:
 ......said sharing bitumen royalties and taxes is out of the question, said Ms. Clark is short on suggestions when it comes to how B.C. could increase its slice of the pipeline’s economic benefits.

“She didn’t have a response.
So I (Alison) don’t have any idea what she (Christy) means....../snip
Ms. Redford seems to only hear the one point that Christy makes, that B.C. should benefit economically from such a risky project, while ignoring the points relating to the environment and first nations. Whether or not Christy would sell out the north if the price was right is irrelevant, because in this one instance Christy's demands for environmental accountability DO REFLECT the majority of British Columbians - more and more of whom are coming to the conclusion that commenter "caesar" expresses as on of the almost 300 comments already submitted when I was there.

12:33 AM on October 2, 2012


Much of the comments, as usual on any mainstream comment thread are stupid name calling and recitation of talking points from Big Oil or Big Steve, Big Peter Kent and the rest of the Merry Canadian Taliban Corporate Buttlickers' Club. However, a few brought up another very good point. They thought that perhaps all the Albertans running down the dope smoking fantasy dwelling BeeCeers should consider retiring in the mostly flat, boring and often polluted province where they made all their money.

After all, why should British Columbia not only risk the destruction of the north, the coast and the fisheries, but also accept and pay the health costs of all these now breaking down Old Albertans?  Everyone knows that the proportion of health care costs one incurs during their life is greatest in the last years. Why should Alberta benefit from the wages and taxes from all these working folks busily toxifying the planet and then dump them when they will need expensive health care on the taxpayers of B.C.?

It would appear that Alison wants everything her way. She and her foreign owners can suck up all the profits from the tar sands and then dump all the environmental risk and burnt out old people on British Columbia.  Just two comments from one rather heated thread about this issue were between (Building an) Ark who thinks B.C. is for Alberta to exploit in whatever manner it chooses and one Hugh Wood are:
Hugh Wood

12:02 AM on October 2, 2012

Where are you planning to retire Ark, Medicine Hat?
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Building an Ark

12:13 AM on October 2, 2012

Rossland where near Idiots such as yourself...real people, real life...not Prop up Dippers Dolls like you left Coasters!

Well, Mr. Building an Ark, if you want to stay away from "us idiots," perhaps you should reconsider your retirement destination, try maybe the Okanagan,  or Red Neck Bill Bennett's town of Cranbrook. Rossland is located in an island of sanity represented by the NDP both federally and provincially.  You wouldn't want to be propping us up now, would you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really make me fume is. BC has no say in Alberta nor, any say over their people. Why should Alberta dictate to BC, over their Enbridge pipeline? Alberta acts as if, it is their God given right, to force their dirty Bitumen into BC.

Damn right. The people from Alberta, can vacation up at the tar sands, instead of coming to, our beautiful BC. Harper's henchman Gordon Campbell, thieved and sold everything of value in BC. He worked for Harper, and still does. So did Christy hire another Harper degenerate, Boessenkool to work for her. All we have left, is the beauty of this province. That we will fight to the last ditch, to keep. This what we will fight to protect, from Harper and Alberta's greed.

I almost wish BC would separate and, get the hell out of, Harper's Fourth Reich of Canada. BC is most certainly not safe, in dictator Harper's Canada. We are sick of feeding, that bottomless pit of greed. Thieving every cent he can from BC.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 at 3:15:00 PM PDT  

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