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Monday, September 24, 2012

BC liaRs' Mythical
Nasty Nineties

BC Family heading East to the Dust Bowl - 1995
photo-page 112
The BC LIEberal History of British Columbia
published by - Public Affairs Bureau - 2004

I figure we have at least eight months of hearing and seeing the horrors of the TERRIBLE last decade of the last century, or less - if Christy Clueless would grow a pair (even ovaries would do, she doesn't have to grow balls) and call either a fall sitting of the Ledge or even better yet, a fall election. Actually, a fall sitting would likely lead to a fall or winter election anyhow the way MLAs on the right are resigning cabinet posts, announcing they won't run, or bouncing from party to party like some kind of pinball.

If only Pinball in Chief, former Liberal Cabinet Minister, and former sole sitting BC Con, or the Auditor-General can break into the never never land where the liaRs hide the evidence of their crime spree. Then even the fence posts with fake hair, transplanted hair or genuine hair who have sat mute all this past decade plus, satisfied to watch the Campbell/Clark/Coleman/Collins/Heed/Les/etc. crime spree ravage the province might be ashamed to vote with what would be clearly seen for what it is - an organized criminal organization posing as a political party, posing as "responsible" government. They're RESPONSIBLE alright, when will they fess up and don orange jump suits and/or make compensation to their victims of crime - the citizens of British Columbia?

Expect to hear Fastcats, the turrible nineties, the fast cats, ooooh the nineties were so badddddd and ad infinitum. Already, eight weeks out we have a Same Old Dix, Same Old Tricks attack website, that only an eight year old with learning disabilities could be proud of creating. But the folks retarded enough to continue to vote for this gang of sleazeballs aren't exactly connoissuers of web design, HTML5, CSS or reason.

One would think upon approaching 12 years of poor government and ongoing breaches of trust and corruption the BC liaRs would tire of repeating the same canards about some imaginary 1990's!  But, then, only the dedicated choir wouldn't hoot or laugh them off a platform if they tried listing their accomplishments. The LIEberals always claim that the NDP drove the province into the equivalent of the dirty thirties during a time of economic fever. They don't mention though that the hot economy was to a great extent based on what turned out to be a bubble, a bubble of hourly high tech start-ups that collapsed, once it became clear that it took more than an registered domain name to become a titan of industry. Besides after almost a half century of one party rule by whatever name worked, Social Credit or Liberal, broken only by the three short years of Dave Barrett, and dem Dirty Nineties, B.C was hardly situated to take advantage of a high tech boom.

The so-called "free-enterprise" governments of most of my life time had neglected education, and any infrastructure more than necessary to chop down, dig up or dam and then send either raw energy or barely touched raw materials to the US and elsewhere so the jobs adding value would go to the customers across the border or across the sea....... Hmm sounds just like these days with the effort to ship dil-bit, or sludge processed ONLY enough to move through a pipeline bound to burst to be put on Chinese mega-tankers guaranteed to everntually run aground or sink in one of the wildest patches of ocean this side of Patagonia.  Meanwhile the sludge that doesn't wind up dumped in the pristine Spirit Bear Forest or into Douglas Channel, Hecate Strait or the Dixon Entrance can provide jobs in China where three Chinamen will work all day for what a B.C. resident needs to earn per hour, simply to live, eat and get to work.

The economic prospects weren't so good in the nineties, when all the (often imaginary) profits were being made in cyberspace and "bricks and mortar" were becoming passé, for a province that was still primarily (except down at the big smoke where the suits counted the profits from the toil of the hurtland) hewers of wood, bearers of water and diggers of rocks.  The resource commodities were in the toilet for most of the nineties, not surprising when brick and mortar places of business appeared to be going extinct and one of our biggest markets, Japan was going into a two decade or more decline. Check out the price of what once was BC's greatest export, once the gold rush slowed down, lumber.

click to enlarge
(The data is small so to see these charts larger right-click on image to see full size in a new window. Charts come from

Softwood wasn't the worst hit of BC's commodities, and our Douglas Fir, a species becoming almost non-existent in Oregon and Washington in large old and available stands is one of our most valuable. Yet during the NDP reign of terror, the price of a cubic metre ranged from a low of $175 to a high, briefly of just under $340. Don't forget the ongoing war over the Softwood Lumber Agreement that eventually Treason Steven and his sidekick Dave "the snake" Emerson caved in on once they had even a minority so-called government. Then the fiscal geniuses under the hand of Gordo, undoubtably with advice from his genius Michael, managed to virutally shutter the sawmill portion of the industry, during the biggest building boom (another bubble it turned out) in US history, as the only jobs left in forestry were chopping 'em down and putting them on barges or trucks.

The big commodities in my corner of the world are, besides electricity, which we know the LIEberals like to sell for a fraction of what they force BC Hydro to buy it for - buy high/sell low - WOW, thanks to their infinitely devious and evil Rape of the River IPP's are those metals processed at Tek-Cominco, in Trail.  Trail is of course the same city, about two hours away in SUMMER, where the Inferior Health Authority has decided I need to go to for any medical treatment much more complicated than taking an aspirin. I have charts for the individual metals, but this composite of copper, aluminum, iron ore, tin, nickel, zinc, lead and uranium is all relevant to BC, excepting the aluminum, since Alcan turned into another IPP, more profitable with less workers to pay, uranium, and iron ore.

Click on Image to Enlarge

The most important here in the Kootenays are lead, zinc and nickel, while copper is important over Kamloops and the Highland Valley way. Some of the individual metals have even worse levels during 1991 to 2001, but, overall, they all follow the same trajectory.  And don't tell me WORLD commodity prices are set high or low depending on who is the government in B.C., during the nineties people just didn't want much of the stuff we could dig up to sell. Meanwhile check out the climb right around the time Capo Campbell took office.......again IT WASN'T HIS doing, nor his idiot brother - all those metals gain in demand just like lumber when a building boom is underway.

Typical Kamloops Neighborhood circa 1996
....ibid. BC LIEberal History....
PAB Publishing

By the way, coal wasn't doing too well during the dirty nineties either, though it too began to climb in value once Magic Gordo's Butt hit the Big Chair in Victoria (the town Christy hates).

You may notice that this is the price of Australian Thermal, the only other graph I could find in the time I was willing to spend was for West Virginia Coal, and I figure BC is more likely to be competing with the Aussies to get out colonial master to buy our coal, and they do have an advantage in proximity. I was going to puncture some more LIEberal balloons of bullshit today, like how the NDP turned BC into a have not province that actually got equalization payments from Ottawa. But in reality it was the liaRs again, sucking up the modest surplus left to them by the NDP and going into debt to cover the generous tax cuts Gordo gave to his rich buds as soon as he had the official order in council fountain pen that would become a pen of penury for the rest of us, like our nation leading children living in poverty. But that's enough for today except for this short initial reaction to late breaking news.

Let the Door Slam on Your Ass
......or don't, Boosenkool, you Harper Tool!

Late this morning th ion as the Chief of Staff to the sinking barge the S.S. Clueless Christy.

After the delight of watching their main competition for the idiot vote shoot themselves in the foot, unfortunately for them it wasn't in the head, because they wouldn't notice that at their convention this weekend. They lost not only their only sitting MLA, but their chief Christy Basher, John Martin, decided he would rather run as a BC LIEberal than sit on the sidelines whining about how corrupt they were. Then of course they re-annointed Jesus as their Leader and Chief Curdmongeon when he can get time off from being a body double for a deceased Boris Karloff.

Anyhoo, Ken the Tool's resignation was accepted after dauntless Christy, our own Miss Snooki, "decided" they better - because whatever he did two weeks ago was gonna go viral any minute. Christy looked positively flummoxed at her presser hastily thrown together this morning, I guess it couldn't wait for Friday afternoon. She refused to confirm or deny Jas Johal's suggestion that it had to do with a waitress and a grope or..... ? citing employer confidentiality rules that apparently didn't exist when so many other LIEberal caucus or staff members had to hit the bricks, like a couple of dark boys named Basi and their cousin Mr. Virk. Or maybe the policy only applies to lily white " evangelical Christian(s) whose children are home-schooled."

The old flopping Mop and Pail of Puke might have beat the BC media in mentioning this, but then again what else is new. It took one of their commenters to actually post the resignation letter, I guess that would be too much like journalism for the urinalists of the G&M.

Earlier this month I was involved in an incident where I acted inappropriately. I was wrong, regretted my behaviour very much and immediately and unconditionally apologized.

Notwithstanding my genuine apology and sense of regret, and following my meeting with you earlier today I tender my letter of resignation as your Chief of Staff effective immediately.

This will give me a chance to return to Calgary to be with my family - who I have also let down - and from whom I have been separated on a weekly basis for most of the last eight months.

I have been very proud to be at your side and proud of what I helped the team accomplish. Nothing should stand in the way of your successful leadership and the accomplishments of your government in creating jobs and making family life affordable.

I wish you the very best.

Ken Boessenkool

 That last paragraph makes me want to ask someone to gag me with a spoon, no a shovel, off of a giant front end loader.Though it was fortunate for us that the letter poster got there quick, as the comment thread was shut down in less than an hour, with 86 comments already .

I suspect the moderator was getting tired as it seems that half of the comments are identical to this one.
 Score: 25
Name withheld

1:27 PM on September 24, 2012

This comment has violated our Terms and Conditions, and has been removed.
At least twenty five people must of seen this before the overworked mod could remove it, because that many, at least agreed with it, more if some disagreed. I suspect that it was favorable to the Christy Gang, because some that are rude to them are in the high negative, like -37, the sign of some good little Pablum Brigade Troops earning their big bucks. I can't help but wonder what the "removed" were like, since the remaining ones are often pretty, shall we say, risque and not particularly respectful, respect being something neither Mr. Boosenkool nor the Glove and Mail particularly deserve.

I hope Mr. Boosenkool, former (and most likely at the ear of Christy) lobbyist for Enbridge isn't happy to go, because his job here is done and the Pipeline from Hell is a done deal. It AIN'T a done deal, and will never be built other than over the dead bodies of many British Columbians, INCLUDING this one. So, Treason Steven, Colonial Counsel for our masters in China, either give it up, our you better get dem troops home from Afghanistan, because you will have to use them against us, just like Assad uses his army against his own citizens in Syria.  We will of course exhaust legal avenues and casual sabotage before resorting to full scale armed resistance - so listen to all Canadians, but particularly the ones in British Columbia.

And Ken, I'm happy to see you going back to Harper Heaven, otherwise known as Calgary. If you leave Alberta again, go east young man. As a final bit of advice let me paraphrase that Canadian Icon, Red Green.

Ken - Keep your stick on the ice, AND your you know what in yer pants or yer hands to yo self! After all you represent the real Jesus, don't you?


Blogger Grant G said...

What was the diagnosis?...

The Enbridge northern wall of defiance will be built, blood will be shed if Harper pushes it through.

You really outdid yourself Kootcoot..The like`s of the sewerman, the Michael Campbell`s, the Kooteney Bill Bennett`s who have their own history book, the dark gloomy 90`s bullshit..

% years as a have not province under Gordon Campbell, 1 year as have not under Glen Clark..

And the damn debt, $66 billion dollars, add contractual debt and it`s over $100 billion dollars..

And the media, big business are frothing at the mouth, the fear of losing the HST, carbon tax revenue, pacific carbon trust(BC Liberal mafia con strong-arm division)..Stealing money from children and seniors and giving it to Ecana gas, and Lafarge cement..And here comes John Kesselman to save the HST..

Which by the way, Bill Good`s freudian slip last week, where he said and I quote..

"The HST will still be here in one form or another" snip..

Yes indeed, if these thieves could read my mind they wouldn`t sleep well at all..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 8:59:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harper really has strange bedfellows.

It's a little weird. What was Harper's Conservative henchman Boessenkool, doing, working for BC Liberal Christy anyway? Of course, Harper's henchman Campbell did the same before Christy. So none, are too surprised.

Neither Campbell and Boessenkool, could hold their liquor. Campbell so drunk, he was driving on the wrong side of the road. Rumor has it, Boessenkool was very drunk and groping women. Perhaps, Harper will give Boessenkool a cozy foreign job, as he did Campbell? In Canada, corrupt politicians, with no morals nor ethics, Harper rewards. Harper also had a many times convicted criminal, Bruce Carson working for him too.

I am beginning to think. BC would be a hell of a lot more safe, getting out of Harper's Canada. BC could become a polluted wasteland, with the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers in our sea. Everything of value in BC, has been thieved and sold by, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Nor, do we forget Harper's part, in the destruction of BC.

All we have left of BC is, the beauty, our abundant woodland wildlife, our Great Bear Rain Forest, and our beautiful marine creatures. That we will fight to keep.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 12:13:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous e.a.f. said...

the lieberals can run all the ads they want. The one thing they can't change is they had the highest child poverty rate in Canada for 8 consecutive yrs. My vote goes to the first party who will resolve that problem.

I don't have children but I have seen from neighbours what child poverty does to a child.

Child poverty means the child isn't eating enough food for a growing body, it isn't getting the approriate shelter, heat, clothing, toys, medical care, etc. It is not a pretty picture.

While Ida Chong munched her way through $6K of lunches the kids in B.C. went hungry.

I think at this point it doesn't matter what the lieberals say the NDP did back in the 70s or 90s, it really all abut what the lieberals did in the 2000s.

Regardless of what people may say about Glen Clark, he is the one Paterson hired not any of the old socred & lieberal politicians.

The lieberals have done some unforgiveable things & that isn't going to change no matter how many ads they run. The lieberals have the biggest deficient, they fired 9K women hospital cleaners, we have more deaths due to hospital infections than ever before, we "gave away" a railway, plunged the b.c. ferries into debt, the list goes on. during the last 10 yrs. people in B.C. have less money in their pockets & pay more taxes of all sorts. Not a good thing.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 11:08:00 AM PDT  

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