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Monday, July 23, 2012

Maybe not Men,
but Males! 

                                      Treason Stephen preparing to apply
the Kiss of Death to Belinda Stronach

My last post was about how the governments both provincial and federal have decided to come down hard on the uppity Catherine Galliford, who was once esteemed enough to be the face of the RCMP during the RCMP f**kups of Air India and the Missing Women investigation, but was all along a hopeless drunken slut, apparently. Then there was the hopeless Linda Keen who was blamed for the fact that some cancer patients couldn't get radio-active isotopes for diagnosis or treatment.....her error, suggesting that the Chalk River reactor be shut down for maintenance before it had to be shut down to repair damages from lack of maintenance. Imagine the sense of synchronicity when I checked my e-mail this morning and found the following piece submitted by Robin Mathews, who has apparently returned from his recent travels.

Robin points out how women in the new country of HarperLand(tm) must carefully watch their P's and Q's, and still they might be found wanting. However convicted felons, like Bruce Carson have a free run of the PMO and the party itself merrily pleads guilty to violation of the Elections Act after years of denial, while stonewalling any investigation of the multiple crimes committed in the theft of their current 20% majority.

So Lisa Raitt, even though you've done as good a job as Benito Mussolini, soooo far, at keeping the trains running on time, don't slip up or else you'll be replaced by some fine example of manhood like Maxime Bernier or any guy other than David Wilkes. Furthermore, Diane Finley, Rona Ambrose, Gail Shea, Diane Ablonczy, and Lynne Yelich, consider yourself warned. Finally Leona Aglukkaq and Alice Wong, be doubly careful - because not only are you not men, like the pasty "white" men who infest Stevie's inner circle jerk, but probably wouldn't be considered to be "caucasian" either, of course!

Rampant Sexism:
The Harper Conservatives At Work

by Robin Mathews

Begin with Stephen Harper himself … and go on from there.  The gigantic tangle of Sexism in the Harper structure is actively pro-male and actively political ... and consistently anti-woman.  It seems, as well - to this observer – to favour males for whom the law is a boring impediment existing only in order to be violated.

We (rightly) think of Sexism as the denigration and abuse of women. It is also a Macho, bloated attitude to men and defence of men, however delinquent.

Harper Conservative Sexism, moreover, reaches outside what is normally thought of as the political domain. 

It is present, I allege, (though it hasn’t been shown yet in every case) wherever the Harper forces see their power at work.  I am saying that the tendency to male-politicize everything they do seems to be coming clearer and clearer – through appointments like the top RCMP officer, Supreme Court judge appointees, ombuds and ethics appointments, the Chief Electoral Officer, diplomatic posts, etc.

At one level the appointments seem merely political – to get Harper Conservative supporters into key “non-political” positions so they can make heavily weighted (political) judgements in favour of the Harper Conservatives.  But the appointments appear also to be part of the tangle that has inevitable Sexist overtones. 

What could be more offensive than the diplomatic appointment that went to B.C.’s ex-premier Gordon Campbell who disappeared from the province with an under ten per cent approval rating and demands for a Public Inquiry into allegations of major wrongdoing in the BC Rail Scandal. Campbell was elevated to the position of Canada’s High Commissioner in London and whisked out of the (hot, for him) province by … yes … Stephen Harper.

Take note of the unleashed aggressive belligerence in court directed at former MP (and cabinet member) Helena Guergis suing Stephen Harper and others.  She has filed a $1.3 million lawsuit against him, the Conservative Party, and several government figures. The defence counsel is quoted as speaking of her “bald allegations”, “fiction” and “gibberish”.  As might be expected the defence argument is that appointing and dismissing cabinet ministers is a matter of Crown prerogative and parliamentary privilege.

Ms. Guergis denies none of that.  As her claim has it nothing in the powers of a prime minister permits slander, defamation, “misfeasance in public office, intentional infliction of mental suffering, and negligence”. 

Without second-guessing the outcome of the case, it might be fair to observe that Stephen Harper acts consistently as if he is mightier than the democracy he serves and can trash any parliamentary convention or law that gets in his way.  When crossed – especially by a woman – attack is the defence. As we will see, no male ever receives the kind of treatment females receive at his hands.

The attack (as “defence”) on Guergis is almost exactly parallel to the mode of attack upon RCMP Corporal Catherine Galliford in B.C. suing the Force for sexual harassment.

Recall that the appointment of Bob Paulson to the top RCMP position was made by Stephen Harper.  Recall that before being disgraced and resigning as top officer, Guiliano Zaccardelli was accused of acting politically in support of the Harper Conservatives in the 2006 election. He was rewarded with an appointment to Interpol in France. Recall that his replacement, appointed by Stephen Harper out of Stockwell Day’s office, was apparently an impossible top officer and was forced out by senior Mountie uprisings. William Elliott was rewarded with a UN-connected appointment.

Recall that Bob Paulson WAS NOT one of the senior Mounties who demanded the dismissal of William Elliott. He has, however, made serious statements about wanting an end to sexual harassment in the RCMP. 

But the defence against Catherine Galliford’s claims is not being conducted by the RCMP.  It is being conducted by the federal government – that is, by people directed by Stephen Harper.  B.C.’s Attorney General has made clear that the government of B.C. is also named as part of the defence – but has had nothing whatever to do with it!! That is another way of saying that the Stephen Harper government doesn’t consult … anybody.  As “defence”, Galliford, too, is … attacked and accused.

In the Stephen Harper structure of power, it seems, a man may be a big, greedy, stupid devourer of your tax dollars – and nothing happens to such a man … ever.  Nothing.  He is, in fact, protected by Stephen Harper.  A man in the Harper circle is important.  A woman?  Well, a woman’s a woman, isn’t she?   Like ….

No one of us can run to the defense of the now not honourable Bev Oda.  (Wait and watch: will she be tucked into a quiet, well-paying job when a little time has passed?)  She did foolish things.  Expensive orange juice. A high-priced limousine in London, England. Etcetera. But notice how her treatment differs from the treatment wayward men in cabinet get ….

There is John Baird and there is Tony Clement for instance, side-lining fifty million dollars for graft and pork-barrelling during the G20 run-up.  $50 million!  Bev Oda probably can’t imagine that much money! 

The one male, Tony Clement (obviously because of his skill with money) was made head of the Treasury Board.  The other male, John Baird (for his skill at wriggling out of absolutely necessary punishment) was made Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Needing gold on his business card, John Baird has helped to squander more money than Bev Oda will earn in a lifetime.  Who cares?  She’s a woman.  He’s a man.

And then there’s the man many think of as just plain stupid.  And Immoral? Many think there is no doubt about that part.  But maybe just plain stupid, as well.  Peter MacKay gave his solemn word and put his signature to a document declaring he would not take the Progressive Conservatives into an alliance with the Harper party.  And then, almost immediately, Peter MacKay broke his bond of honour and went under.  No more needs to be said about Peter MacKay and morality.

He seems to be every bit as reactionary as Stephen Harper.  And so Peter MacKay could only seek a plush place in the Harper Conservative structure. He couldn’t be the tempering Progressive Conservative conscience in the Party because – well, that would imply he has a conscience to work with.

Spread-eagled across the country, Peter Mackay was caught using a search-and-rescue helicopter for transport from a private fishing trip.  Very Expensive. In the House of Commons he appears to have lied about that trip with the tacit approval of Stephen Harper.  After all, both are males ….  Maybe not men, but males.

That brought on examination of Peter MacKay’s travel accommodations and travel frequency.  He makes poor Bev Oda look like someone really small-time, really sandbox, not A-Team, not even B-Team, but … say … “Ladies League”.  He appears to have taken hotel accommodation fit for … well … for a Mafia boss.  And travel.  No one, it is reported, has used government (free, special, elite) aircraft more than Peter MacKay who has flown and flown and flown on your money.

Right here the Harper Conservative Sexist game is most clear.  Bev Oda’s hotel accommodations, her limousines, etc. look like child’s play against the accommodation/travel spendings of Peter MacKay.  Bev Oda has been fired by resigning. Bev Oda has been made an example, to show Canadians the Harper Conservatives will tolerate no waste of tax payers’ money. Peter MacKay is prized in the Harper inner circle.  He is Minister of National Defence. He can waste money like water.  He’s a male.

We know Bev Oda resigned.  We know she gave no reason.  Let us imagine her last conversation with Stephen Harper.  The setting is the prime minister’s office.  Stephen Harper is seated behind a desk.  The door opens and Bev Oda enters.  Stephen Harper doesn’t look up. Bev Oda stands for some seconds.  And then she speaks. 

Oda:  You wanted to see me, Stephen.

Harper:  Call me “prime minister”.

Oda:   Yes.

Harper:  Well?

Oda:  Well … what?

Harper:  Start again.

Oda:  What’s that?

Harper:  Don’t you understand English.  I said start again.

Oda:  Start again?

Harper: (pause)  Start again.  (long pause)

Oda:  You wanted to see me, prime minister.

Harper:  Yes.

Oda:  What about … prime minister?

Harper:  When the fuss was going on in the House of Commons about your limousine in London … and the sixteen dollar glass of orange juice, I said I’d talk to you later.  You will remember I didn’t defend you.

Oda:  You defended Tony Clement and John Baird and Peter MacKay.  You let the organizers of the Election Frauds get away scot free. And Dean del Maestro ….

Harper:  Are you finished?  (pause) I take it you are.  (pause) Your actions in London hurt the reputation of the Party, cast its integrity into doubt, and injured … my reputation.  (Pause)  I am asking you to resign.

Oda:  But I’m doing a good job as a cabinet minister….

Harper:  (Interrupts).  Please.  I can move you from cabinet when I like.  It would be better if you resign. 

Oda:  I see.

Harper:  I want you out of the House of Commons, altogether.  You’re a sitting duck any time the Opposition wants to attack you.

Oda:  But I was voted in by my constituents. 

Harper:  I won’t let you run next time.  I decide that, not your constituents.  I will have the caucus reject you.  The caucus does what I tell it to do.  I’ll make your life hell – and you won’t run next time. 

Oda:  But my constituents….

Harper:  (Breaks in). Your constituents are so many head of cattle.  They go where they’re told.  I tell them where to go. I drive the caucus like a herd of cattle and your constituents aren’t much different ….

Oda:  But the election scandals.  You may need me. 

Harper:  I decide how the elections will go.  I rig the federal elections. 

Oda:  Nevertheless, there may be trouble. 

Harper:  I just appointed a safe, new, cooperative Chief Elections Officer.  He will help elections to come out right in the future … with no bother.  He’s my elections Toy-Boy.  As Bob Paulson is my RCMP Toy-Boy.  As the Governor General is my diplomatic Toy-Boy.  I appoint them.  They do what I say.

Oda:  When do you want me to leave cabinet?

Harper:  Take your time … in the next two weeks.

Oda:  Is that all?

Harper:  You resign your seat in the House.

Oda:  To go where?

Harper:  You can’t be in government….

Oda:  (A long pause).  You don’t want me to say anything … embarrassing ….

Harper:  Like what?

Oda:  (Long Pause).  Many … many … many … many things.

Harper:  You will be taken care of.

Oda:  That’s not enough.

Harper:  I said you’ll be taken care of.

Oda:  I said that’s not enough.

Harper:  You can’t be given a government appointment.  You know that.

Oda:  (Silence.)

Harper:  I have feelers out.  You’ll be appointed … well.  You’ll be appointed by SNC Lavellin, or Caterpillar Corporation, or U.S. Steel – someone like that.  Enbridge might offer ….  They all owe me a lot, so don’t worry.  They’re the corporate arm of my government, though Canadians haven’t figured that out yet….

Oda:  I thought ….

Harper:  You thought what?

Oda:  I thought only the Queen could speak of “my government”. 

Harper:  You’ve got a lot to learn.  Maybe it’s best for all that you’re going.

[End of imagined conversation.] 

Was Bev Oda really stupid?  She had to be if she thought a woman (even in a minor way) could play the graft game, the breach of trust game, the ego-tripping game the way Harper Conservative men do, get caught, and get away scot free.  She should have known that in the Harper structure only men can to those things … and last, and be promoted. 

Poor, dumb Bev Oda.  Poor … woman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, then they send their degenerate RCMP members to BC. As if we don't have enough of our own. I think RCMP males, that grab their crotches and sexually embarrass female RCMP officers, should be hung by their, you know whats? They have reverted right back to their old corruption, lying and covering up for each other. Typical of them. Damned right they are crude s.o.b's towards the female officers. Millions of Canadians, don't even want the RCMP, as icons of Canada anymore.

The male RCMP officers, are a disgrace to their uniforms. BC people especially, despise the male members, of the RCMP. They are ignorant, disgusting, loathsome boors.

Monday, July 23, 2012 at 2:33:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous e.a.f. said...

Very interesting column. when you put it all together like Robin Mathews has it is very interesting.

Stevie slime isn't what you call a modern day person. He is somewhere back in the prehistoric times. He started by cutting funding to women's groups & it was all down hill from there.

They all need to go.

The government & RCMP attack on Ms. Galliford is unprecedented. It is so bad I'd suggest people just won't believe it. All the public saw was an attractive young woman in RCMP uniform doing the press conferences. Now they want us to blieve she was a "drunken slut". Not going to happen.

We have all seen what they have kept on, male sluts, killers, & drunks, etc. I hope Ms. Galliford takes them to the cleaners. Sometimes people like Harper just over reach a bit & that is their down fall.

Let us not forget the female RCMP officer in North Vancouver who was fired but the guy who was party to all of it, got a pass. With Harper in power all I have seen is the gains of the previous 30 yrs going down the toilet. Now I just want to see the slimers head there also.

Monday, July 23, 2012 at 2:45:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Canadian Canary said...

A mere six months or so ago, the newly appointed head of the RCMP burst onto the scene with a media blitz vowing that the sexual crimes of RCMP members towards women officers would be his "top priority".

He pledged to "transform the police force, and deal with claims of harassment and bullying." (Nice euphemisms for what would be prosecutable crimes in any other environment.)

Except, he didn't say how he'd "deal with" those claims. Now we know. Same old, same old.

"I will sort this out in a way that Canadians can have trust and faith in the RCMP and just as importantly, that employees of the RCMP can thrive in a healthy, productive and harassment-free environment," said Paulson.

What a f**king deceptive pr**k. The RCMP has NO intention of cleaning up it's acts, none at all. Next step is for citizens to turn their backs on the police until this cesspool is thoroughly purged.

Monday, July 23, 2012 at 9:59:00 PM PDT  

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