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Thursday, May 24, 2012

for F**k All
Clueless One!

Non - Premier Christy Avoiding the Ledge in Japan
For a few days there, Christy Clueless was gallivanting around Asia and sparing us her idiotic presence. It is actually better when she is gone, except for maybe giving stuff away to foreigners, but she can do that just as well at home and at least when she is gone the intelligence level of the province is a bit higher for awhile. But instead of staying far away, or maybe going even farther, like Mongolia, she's back to rekindle her attack on BC families and help her family and friends steal what little is left of the assets of our province.

 Between her and the Minister of Vice and Graft, Big Rich Coleman they have told the BC Utilities Commission what to do with their idea of regulating rates or any kind of energy policy planning and announced a completely transparently election goodie reduction in proposed rate increases - rate increases that are almost entirely necessary because of the incredibly deranged energy policies that Capo Gordo and now Big Bad Rich have forced on what was once a crown jewel of the province BC Hydro. According to the Mother Corp:

BC Hydro ordered to cut rate increases by 50%
          Rate to increase 17% rather than 30% over 3 years, energy minister says

.......On Tuesday, Energy Minister Rich Coleman ordered a nearly 50-per-cent cut in proposed rate increases for BC Hydro customers, saying families need the break and the Crown corporation can afford the cut.

Next April, during the provincial election campaign, electricity rates are due to increase by 1.4 per cent, Coleman said.

.......Clark said the government has told the B.C. Utilities Commission the rates must increase by no more than 17 per cent over three years......./snip

 The union representing BC Hydro workers said the government is hiding its own mismanagement, while holding back rate increases until after next May's provincial election.

Coleman said he directed the B.C. Utilities Commission to reduce the proposed rate increases without holding two weeks of public hearings set for next month........./snip

........ND P energy critic John Horgan, who consistently criticizes the Liberals for rising electricity rates, said the cuts are merely an attempt to get around a public hearing process that would likely reveal financial mismanagement at BC Hydro and impending rate hikes.

"This is the culmination of a decade of disastrous energy policy in British Columbia," he said. "Now they're putting in what they characterize as a rate reduction as a disguise to again thwart a public hearing into the activities at BC Hydro under the B.C. Liberals."
 Though Richy Rich and Christy Crunch vigorously deny this has anything to do with politics, it is oh so obvious that it does. Right now BC Hydro is being forced to buy IPP - Rape of the Rivers by Friends of the Liberals power at up to five or more times what it can be sold for, while BC Hydro's own dams are forced to open the spillways and shut down their own much more cheaply produced power. Then there is the Smart Meter boondoggle that for some reason costs 2-3 times as much per meter as the same equipment does for Ontario Hydro.

Then there is the math, Rich Coleman insists that the rates will go up about 17% over the next three years. Kinda funny that the first year raise, which JUST HAPPENS to come around on the guitar about a month before the next scheduled election will be just 1.4% , which when I went to school means that the next two years will have to increase by almost 8% each time. Of course they realize that by then they won't be government anymore. They also realize they won't be government when BC Hydro has to address what will be perhaps FIVE BILLION in deferred accounts that they've been using to hide debt and show a profit to pillage into general revenue from Hydro, just like they do from ICBC.

Of course if the voters of British Columbia are as dumb as they so obviously think we are and re-elect these un-indicted felons to yet another four year crime spree, they'll undoubtedly have to sell off poor over indebted BC Hydro to one of their friends CHEAP!

We can't wait 51 weeks to get these guys' hands out of OUR cookie jar, there HAS to be a few more sitting on their thumbs LIEberal MLAs with a speck or two of integrity that will leave caucus and make these creeps fall and force an election to be called by this fall at the latest!


Anonymous motorcycleguy said...

yup....they are getting anything they walkin' in around the back...half a mile from the railroad track

Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 11:49:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Campbell should be dragged back to BC, by the scruff of his neck. He needs his @$$ kicked up to his stomach. He is pure evil. He thieved and corruptly sold, everything he laid his filthy hands on. Spiteful Gordo, is exactly like spiteful Stevie. Both Henchman Campbell forgot to tell us, he is working for Herr Harper.

Christy too, is working for Harper. She has Harper's henchman Boessenkool, working for her. Although, I really think, Christy is actually working for Boessenkool, she is just a mouthpiece.

Rumor has it, they can smell the stink of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, and Harper and his Conservatives...clear up to the Muir Space Station.

Friday, May 25, 2012 at 11:29:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Sixth Estate said...

I love how desperate the spin on this has become -- a "50% cut to the rate increase" is still an increase. That's like saying I'm giving you a deal because I'm raising the price by $10 but I'm going to cut $5 off the increase.

Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 10:57:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always glad to read amazing articles.. Will be back for more for sure! Thank you for sharing

Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 8:45:00 AM PDT  

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