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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Title to be sung to Jimi's Crosstown Traffic

Defending the Bully!

In this early part of the twenty-first century, when the issue of bullying, especially in our schools is so fashionable that even that Clueless pretend Premier of B.C. Ms. Photo-op claims to get it and promotes anti-bullying campaigns (while being perhaps the biggest bully in the province, herself), it is refreshing to come across an article by Andy Radia standing up for the biggest bully of them all in what used to be Canada (now known as Harperland(TM)).

In Does it really matter if Stephen Harper is a bully?, Our handy dandy enabler Andy recites a partial list of Slimeball Steve's more egregious attacks on Canada and Canadians, like:

"The government is intolerant of criticism and dissent. Civil libertarians who oppose giving police easier access to internet users' browsing histories were branded by Conservatives as supporters of child pornographers. They condemned greens worried about the development of Alberta's tar sands as radicals laundering foreign money; the government is investigating the charitable status of some green groups. It killed off an advisory body of businessmen, scientists and officials because it supported a carbon tax. The electoral authority is investigating claims that Conservatives used automated phone calling in 2011 to mislead voters in opposition areas about where to vote."

But then in a stunning display of adherence to the ends justify the means Andy eventually gets around to his main point, which is:

By most accounts, Harper is right.

For more of the exact drivel issuing from the Kool-aid swilling Andy the Enabler you will have to go to the source, linked to above. However I would like to point out that other than removing the odious long gun registry, everything else that is still good in what was once Canada is either the legacy of former governments, and their policies or the good fortune of finding goodies that Stevie's God buried in the ground in Northern Alberta, the Canadian Shield or allowed to grow above our fruited plain. Policies that Our Sleaze Steve protested in earnest while in opposition, like not deregulating banks, declining to engage in the clusterfuck that was the invasion of Iraq in search of imaginary WMD and many others too numerous to list, saved our collective bacon, so that Stevie could come along and claim all the credit for shit he fought against tooth and nail as Oppo Leader or wing-nut welfare stink tank spokesperson. Nuff said about these idjits, now on to one of Sleazy Steve's aid and abetting moral cretins.

Speaking of Odious

If it wasn't enough that our former Minister of Entitlement and Forgery, and soon to be front critter of her own Roy Orbison tribute band likes to drink orange juice squeezed from oranges from the original Garden of Eden by naked virgin woodland nymphs, we now find that horror of horrors, she SMOKED NASTY CIGGIES in her office while altering documents by candlelight. In typical HarperCon fashion, the first response to questions about Ms. Odious' nasty habit was to paddle upstream in that river in Africa, Da Nile. Once that proved ineffective they played the thrift card by pointing out that she used a cheap air purifier purchased at Wallymart to save the taxpayers some bucks (prolly for more special orange juice).

The allegation that Oda had been smoking in her office came out Monday, when Sun News ran a story citing sources who claimed Oda smoked regularly in her officer during her time as Minister of International Cooperation. The story cited a "highly placed source in the government" who said that the staff were frustrated and couldn't do anything to stop it.

Broekema, who worked for Oda from 2009 to her resignation last week, denied these allegations to the media. The Toronto Sun reports Broekema saying Oda never smoked in her office, nor was there an air purifier or complaints about a smell of smoke.

However Broekema's story changed today, who confirmed in statements to Sun News and The Toronto Star that Oda had been smoking on the job, and had an air purifier in the office.

"Since that story I learned that a $50 Walmart air purifier was purchased for the office and that the former minister smoked in her office," Broekema told The Star in an email.

The original Sun News story says that the air purifier was ordered at taxpayers' expense. Oda herself has not confirmed these allegations.

Perhaps there is a ray of sunshine in this story though, for the nearly tapped out taxpayers who have been sponsoring Ms. Super Entitlement all this time and will continue to do so in her retarded retired state. There is a good chance that we won't be on the hook for her $52,183 annual pension, vested and secured after a whole eight years on the job running up astronomical expense accounts. Unless all those former tobacco is bad for your health deniers, most of whom have moved on to the more lucrative job of Climate Change denial are correct - we won't have to ante up that fifty grand plus for many years, thanks to dem dirty old coffin nails sneaked, snuck, snucken in her smelly office for oh that eight long years.

Just Say No
or maybe Nancy had a point!

According to the Mound of Sound

It was close - 77 to 71 - but it was enough for the Dutch parliament to cancel their planned purchase of 80 F-35 stealth light attack bombers.

So if the folks wearing wooden shoes with their fingers in the dike can do it!

Canada, Just say No to the effing stooopid, useless overpriced and unnecessary manned one way ballistic missile otherwise known as the JSF-effing-35

A Final Word for the Day!

I've been mostly away from the intertoobz lately and after a refreshing dip into the inspirational musings of the Powell River Persuader and his post from yesterday, I mistakenly, in my desire to catch up took a trip to the somewhat stupid and brain challenged side. I still haven't even broached the childish petulant waters of the BC Blue example of stubborn denial (where comments not 1000% in line are disappeared immediately, just like at Ezra "the non-Savant" Levant's excuse for a blog), but I will already have to take a shower after touring the gathering place for the King of Sewage without Respite and his fawning sycophants. Fortunately, I don't have any blood pressure issues so will survive. But, I would like to address all the Frantic Chicken Littles who think the sky will fall if BC doesn't elect some form of a "free enterprise" co-alition rather than dem commie socialishtic Dip Shits under Adrian "memo + transit pass + and prolly Jesus crucifying" Dix(head).

Most of you that continuously bleat about the wonders of free enterprise wouldn't recognize it if it bit you on the ass. Take out your dictionary (buy one if necessary) and look up CRONYISM. Take note cronyism is not a synonym for free enterprise, and I'm afraid free enterprise is an exercise that hasn't been really tried very much anywhere, especially in the Banana Republic of British Columbia. BTW, it is pretty well dead and buried down in the failing nation to the south, as well.


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