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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BC Mary
Speaks from the Grave

Alex Tsakumis has just posted a excellent post about the aftermath of his recent release of one of David Basi's memos to file that was poo-pooed by the grand poohbahs of our Lamestream Media both print and broadcast with the exception of Michael Smyth, MetroNews and Simi Sara and Jon McComb of CKNW. In it he is especially hard on Leonard Krog, NDP Justice Critic and likely Attorney General in the almost inevitable NDP government coming to a province under your feet, and deservedly so.
Now one of the problems I have with Alex is his disrespect for others who don't agree with him hook line and sinker, and the way he immediately disses such as being kooks, drug addicts, gossip mongers, conspiracy theorists and worst of all died in the wool NDP fanatics.

Well perhaps Alex should check out Mary's archives for July of 2009. During June and July that year many of us were writing, emailing and calling Mr. Krog to do something about the upcoming five year anniversary date of the BC Rail Underhanded Deal, when various benefits (undeserved in our estimation) were due to accrue to CN and Gordo's buddy David MacLean. I never got even an automated response from him, though I did from Carole James. I am going to re-post now her post from July 31, but to anyone interested in the background of this case, at a time when AGT had little or nothing to say about it (because he liked Gordo better than he does Christy?), Mary knocked it out of the park with NO consideration for NDP feelings. And if one is really interested peruse the whole month's posts in which she repeatedly discusses the upcoming anniversary, legal challenges to the deal being pursued in Prince George at the time, and the tragic deaths of Don Faulkner and Tom Dodd due to CN using prairie grade rolling stock on oversize trains in BC's mountainous terrain.
Reading  BC Rail: A Job for a Warrior , it is difficult to detect Mary's  die-hard NDP fealty.

BC Rail: a job for a warrior

July 31, 2009

BC's Opposition Justice Critic is a job for a warrior Correctly known as the Opposition Critic for the Attorney-General

The Opposition Justice Critic is the official voice of dissent in a parliamentary democracy. It's a very special voice. The OJC can speak like an avenging warrior to express the people's dismay, our pain, and our hopes when a government goes wrong. Hymns of praise would be sung for his honesty, courage, vision, and protection at a time of incalculable loss augmented by deceit.

If British Columbia's actual, current Opposition Critic for the Attorney-General (Opposition Justice Critic) had acted differently, he would be remembered in poetry and song far into the future.

But that special warrior-hero role remains unclaimed, and the duties of high justice have been left undone. During the chaotic years of the Campbell Administration, the United Nations made 9 rulings condemning Gordo's errors. Polite letters are written to the premier. A dainty list of 70 questions is presented in the Legislature (no reply expected). Grammatically correct comments are ready when he visits the BCRail trial. Runnymede is mentioned more often than Prince George. But justice for the people? I don't think so.

Recently, people in British Columbia stood up, ready to face the threat of the BCR-CN deal's 5th anniversary triggering more benefits to CN to be taken from our ownership of BCRail. Citizens were seeking simple justice. We thought that the Opposition Justice Critic would understand that, and invited him to be our guide and advisor.

We asked our OJC to demand that government "Show us the deal", and wondered if "an injunction, or other means" could stop the deal until the implications are clear. Rumours say that there is an option for re-possession of the BC Railway "for cause" and that cause does exist. That priceless BCR lands would slide into CN hands as a gift on the 5th anniversary. That certain BCRail lines would be abandoned leaving communities stranded. And more.

These are not minor concerns.

So what happened? Does British Columbia have this heroic warrior-figure who leaps into action, defending the people against injustice? No.

Did citizens spontaneously rise up to write and telephone him? Yes, they did. I wrote 3 times, myself.

Did the Opposition Justice Critic take notice? Maybe. I was told that this blog is read "with respect" in Opposition quarters. But who knows?

Did the OJC offer his advice? his legal opinion? helpful information? his personal guidance? No, he did not. It was as if his face was turned away from us.

Was there any response at all? From the OJC, no. From his assistants, yes.

His assistants prepared an identical form letter which was emailed to most (not all) of us, on July 13, 2009. Sly. By then, it was too late to head off the windfall benefits to CN triggered by the 5th anniversary of the deal. The Opposition's explanation, over the OJC's printed signature, was as follows:

* An injunction is too expensive. (Ignore the fact that Maude Barlow, for The Council of Canadians, is seeking an injunction this week to protect a water source. And B.C.'s Opposition Justice Critic can't even discuss the topic of lands, railway lines, communities, and the public good?)

* We would have no "standing" before the court for an injunction. (We, the previous owners of BCRail, would have no "standing"??)

* No mention was made of "by other means" which we believed a lawyer would know about. It was an embarrassing list of excuses for doing nothing, sent to us the day before it was possible to do anything.

Which maybe wouldn't be as bad, if our Opposition Justice Critic hadn't held a Vancouver press conference the next day ... the next day being the 5th anniversary which the citizens themselves had called "BCRail Day".

His press conference gave a public impression that he believed what we believed: that further outrageous benefits would roll out of the secret BCR-CN agreement and into the pockets of CN, without the people knowing.

But was he agreeing that the deal should be stopped? No. So why did he set up a press conference for July 14, 2009?

The purpose of that press conference was, I believe, to make it easy for Big Media in Vancouver to quote him as being "aware" of the 5th anniversary and its ramifications, to pretend that he was leading this rally ... and to reassure the Campbell Government that he certainly wasn't about to rock the boat. He was saying, in my view, "Gordo's Gang will lose the next election and I want to be premier. So trust me. This is my promise: if I'm premier of BC, nothing will change." Message received.

A heroic Justice Critic would have stood like a proud warrior, tall and determined on BC Rail Day, defending the rightful interests of his people.

Like an avenging angel, he would have been challenging, pushing, embarrassing the government, raising his voice so all could hear his call for justice: "It's been 5 years!" he would have said, "I challenge the Campbell Government to immediately SHOW US THE DEAL. No contract is legal if one of the parties have never seen the agreement -- and the people of B.C. are one of the parties! I challenge the Campbell Government to stop right here!"

Then he would roar like a lion: "This is my personal injunction upon this government. Put a hold on that CN deal. Show us the agreement. Then consult with the people." It really didn't seem a lot to ask.

Did our well-paid OJC stand up for the people of British Columbia? No, he didn't.

Is there any indication that our unhero is looking into re-negotiating the BCR-CN deal? Re-possessing BC Rail? Or challenging the terms of the agreement in any way? No, no indication whatever.

A warrior Opposition Justice Critic, fighting for the people of B.C. would be a hero on a high pedestal in British Columbia these days. But in my opinion, that empty pedestal should have a Help Wanted sign attached. - BC Mary.


Anonymous e.a.f. said...

Unfortunately Krug was & is lazy. You'd have thought he would at least be bright enough to raise his profile, but hey, Dix can still ensure he doesn't have a cabinet post in an NDP government. That would go for Megss also.

There will be many who believe they should have a cabinet post because they have served loyaly, etc. This is a change for the NDP to get into office & stay there if they don't screw up. Dix needs only those who have an A Game to be in cabinet. The rest, find them something else to do or he will be a one term wonder. & yes, I'm an NDP supporter since I was a kid some 50 yrs. ago.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 7:39:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Grant G said...

Correct Kootcoot...I would go one step further, with Mary`s reporting and Robin Mathew`s transcription from attending the trial IN PERSON for years..

AGT has revealed zippo that we didn`t know..He has however shown physical documents confirming what was written and reported years ago at Mary`s place..

AGT was a recipient of a document dump, and we do appreciate what he has shown..

However his disparaging of others, in particular Robin Mathews and BC Mary is gross..

also, had not boxes of documents been dumped at AGT`s place he would have written nothing on BC Rail.

How come he doesn`t hammer away at Gordon Campbell, the mastermind and chief-thief..

Von Dongen also uttered this refrain for two-years..

"No comment, it`s before the courts"

Alex conveniently lifts John Von Dongen upon a artificial pedestal when truth be known John Von Dongen is a low down life endangering sleazebag who marched to Gordon Muir Campbell`s drum..

He will recieve no praise from me..

Revisionist history be damned!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 8:33:00 PM PDT  

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