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Thursday, September 13, 2012

ReThugs try

Willard the Mittens guy who would like to be Preznit of the Excited Snakes of Amurica managed to even embarrass many of his Republican backers, who are almost immune to embarrassment, with his ill conceived comments regarding the unfortunate events yesterday in Egypt and Libya.

from Smirking Chimp ....

 He did however inadvertently illustrate that whether or not the rag tag collection of cults from "born again fundies" to the Latter Day Stains that he is a member of believe in evolution, they are indeed evolving - from a party led (or fronted by) a smirking chimp to one that now wants to install a smirking SMUCK in the Whitehouse. After eight years of mis-government by a smirking chimp, who danced to the organ grinding of Dick Cheney, the men behind the curtain like KKKarl Rove, Adelson, Pat Robertson and the Koch brothers think we need..........a new smirk! Smirking Smuck

The picture above is of our man smuck, Willard "Mitt" RMoney, smirking with lips firmly closed to hide foot, after shooting his mouth off about foreign policy before bothering to aim (as President Obama pointed out). But inside he is obviously so pleased with himself, thinking he has really stuck it to the black guy he wants to replace. As told by Joshua Holland at Alternet:
The Romney-Ryan campaign achieved a new low on September 11. In the morning, Romney promised reporters that he has detailed foreign policy plans, but refused to offer any details. But before the day was out, his campaign was spreading a blatant falsehood about a series of riots in Egypt and Libya that had left four Americans dead, including ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.
Now the candidate for Smuck in Chief was blaming President Obama for a statement made by the embassy in Cairo condemning an absurd anti-Islamic film made in L.A. that had sparked riots and protest at the embassy, which was eventually breached enough to change the flag, with no injuries or loss of life. But the Mittster's (irony alert) grasp of foreign policy was brought into stark relief when later, after learning of the attack on the consulate in Ben Ghazi that cost Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, plus a number of Libyan defenders, their lives, the man from Bain doubled down on his recurrent theme of Obama "apologizing" for America. 
Then, on Wednesday morning, Romney scheduled a press conference a half-hour before Obama was scheduled to address the nation from the White House. Romney doubled-down on his claim, saying, “It's a terrible course for America to stand in apology for our values.” As if Terry Jones' overheated religious bigotry isn't in fact antithetical to our values. (Romney, ever the opportunist, had condemned Jones' Islamophobic provocation in 2010, and in typical form, he did in fact condemn the movie later on Wednesday, just as the Egyptian embassy had the previous night.)
For starters, it actually seems to me that a country that illegally invades a nation (Iraq) for a ginned up collection of lies and then consistently violates the Geneva Conventions and International Law with torture, extra-judicial murder and a license for Wall Street to commit fraud on a global basis might actually NEED to at least apologize on occasion, and preferably also change their behaviour. But of course the Mittster thinks that just like his Latter Day Stained Saints, America is "exceptional" and thereby not required to operate in any moral or ethical manner, since might makes right and their Military is bigger than everybody else's combined!

As of this morning US embassies are under siege all over North Africa and the Middle East, think of it as more chickens coming home to roost, like they did in 1979 in Tehran after decades of US backed abuse of the Iranians by the Shah.

When will the United States (and their little butt-boy in Ottawa, Treason Steven) accept the fact that it isn't "American Values" that piss off so much of the world, but American ACTIONS that exploit, maim and kill people, especially brown, black and yellow people, all over the world in the name of American Corporate Greed!

The story of Mitt's gaffes has been particularly troubling for the Grey Lady, former home of "Kneepads" Judith Miller, who had such a crush (and gullibility for) Curveball and Scooter Libby, the New York Times. Over the course of the day they continued to rewrite the story of Mitt's comments and comments by various named and unnamed  members of the Party of the 1% and Teabaggers. Michael Calderone and Ryan Grim detail the ongoing rewriting here. To compare the first article with what replaced it pretty well entirely some hours later, check out both at NewsDiffs.

Obama hasn't exactly been without his disappointments as President, but it is clear that the only good reason to elect Mitt Romney would be to accelerate the onset of the revolution that is increasingly seeming to be necessary to effect change that is necessary to get the world and its people on a path towards a planet that can survive economically and environmentally.

Vote RMoney and Lyin' Ryan and who knows, they might even appoint Bibi the Butcher to be both US Secretary of Defense and State!


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