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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last night many folks were relieved to see Obama show up for the debate on Long Island. It would appear that two weeks ago in Denver Obama was either feeling the effects of high altitude, or completely taken by surprise by the "New" Moderate Mitt Romney. After almost two years of virtually denying he had ever been governor of blue Taxachussetts and claiming no credit for implementing the model for Obamacare in his state, in Denver a completely new Romney appeared that would practically out Obama in coddling both the rich, the poor and the downtrodden endangered species we call the middle class. It seems that Obama must have prepared for the Mittster who spent months posing as a more extreme conservative than whack jobs like Rick "Frothy" Santorum, Big Hair Rick Perry who set an even lower bar for governor of Texas than his Predecessor, George Bu$h the Lesser, and Tea-Party Queen Michelle Bachmann.

So last night Obama arrived prepared to call out Mitt RMoney at every prevarication, like Uncle Joe Biden had done with Little Paul "crying" Ryan, with even more class and style. It is really fun to read this morning about the wing-nuts on the right and how they try to spin last night as another victory for the MittStake. The silliness ranged from simple Goebbels style Big Lie repitition to outright denial, to blaming the Moderator for throwing the fight. Actually all that really happened was Obama took advantage of the fact that the truth and facts are biased, and not in the direction that Romney, Ryan and their bosses like the Koch brothers and KKKarl Rove would like to take the country and the planet.

Over at Think Progress, Igor Volskey who found 27 egregious lies that issued from Mitt's Lips last time in 38 minutes found that with three extra minutes to work with, the Mitt managed four more lies documented at Romney Told 31 Myths In 41 Minutes During Last Night's Debate.  It was an amazing performance by Mitt, considering that Obama used his share of the time to effectively debunk so many of them on the spot.

Comparable to Romney's threat to Big Bird last time was Mitt's claim to have asked for binders of women candidates for high level government positions during his one term Massachusetts practice session for being preznit. Although Mitt claimed last night that he, upon detecting a shortage of women in such positions had demanded that suitable women be suggested, what actually happened was pretty much exactly the opposite. According to the a reporter at the Boston Phoenix
In fact, Romney did not direct women's groups to bring him female candidates, Boston Phoenix reporter David Bernstein points out. A non-partisan collaboration of women’s groups called Massachusetts Government Appointments Project (MassGAP) was responsible for the effort in 2002, when the group's leaders realized that women held only 30 percent of the top appointed positions in the state.
To top this little excursion into the non-factual, the actual percentage of women in such positions at the end of Romney's practice term had declined to  27.6%.

Another oft repeated meme by the Mittster was the charge that under Obama oil production in the US on public lands had declined by 14 percent. But as Andrea Mitchell, no left wing LIBrul, indeed the wife of Wall Street's friend Alan Greenspan, pointed out that in the one year period when most of the offshore production was going straight into the Gulf of Mexico, instead of into barrels, thanks to the Deep Horizon mess, production had been curtailed by about 14%. No barrels were coming from Deep Horizon and most of the Gulf was shut down for good reason. However over the almost four years of the Obama administration production overall had increased almost thirty percent over the time Washington was ruled by the oily Gee Dubya and Dick Cheney.  Perhaps if Mitt could take some time from personally building the Keystone Pipeline, which he has threatened to do, he could measure the amount of oil that was injected directly into the Gulf of Mexico during the ongoing destruction courtesy of British Petroleum. 

Last night even the Moderator did some instant real time fact checking, calling Mitt on the false claim that it took two weeks for the administration to suggest the attack on Ben Ghazi was terrorism - which the President called it the next day in the Rose Garden. For more analysis of the strange dis-connect between Mitt Romney and the ReThuglican Party and the truth please check out Juan Cole and Robert Reich.  I guess we are headed back to the state where only voter suppression and Diebold can offer the imaginary Mitt Romney a chance to live at the White House. 

I still waver in my preference though. While there is no question Obama is the lesser evil, sometimes I feel to go with the devil himself might lead to the real change that is going to have to come if our species is going to survive with any kind of quality of life. Electing Obama might merely delay the  revolution that may be necessary economically and politically!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on Koot.

Romney reminds me too much of Harper. Obama does seem the lesser, of the two evils.

I guess Canadian women are more fortunate than the American women. They are protesting, the destruction of democracy in the U.S. government. Talk about a country with a police state. The police handcuffed those women to chairs, for eight hours.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 1:53:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous e.a.f. said...

electing Romney would not bring the revolution sooner than later. Romney would ensure there would be no revolution by putting most people in jail.

I haven't been too fond of the game rules Obama has brought in or the drone strikes, but at least we don't have mittie & the idiot who would immediately change the rules & attempt to control women's bodies in the U.S.A. not to mention an extra war or so.

Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 12:20:00 AM PDT  

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