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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Voters of Pt. Grey
Our Future is in
Your Hands!

Gordon Campbell in Drag

The voters of Point Grey have an opportunity tomorrow to send the BC liaRs (i.e. the BC PsuedoLiberal Party) and the despicable Christy Clark a message. You can tell her and the rest of the scoundrels around her that you don't like lies, selling off the province, destroying the environment and and the redistibution of wealth to a clique of conscienceless criminals. You can tell Christy Clark that you feel insulted that she would deign to call an election in the middle of a federal election so little more than a week was left after the dust settled from the "election nobody (but Stevie Spiteful) wanted that turned into a gigantic surprise in so many ways.

If you respect your selves you should be offended that she would parachute into your riding and not even have the courtesy to show up there in open public events, other than ONE one hour appearance before a carefully screened SMALL audience of sycophants conveniently pre-supplied with safe questions to lob at here and then avoid giving any real answers even to such pre-arranged drivel.

The Powell River Persuader, in a perhaps unfortunately titled post (though I'm confident he would take the title back, if the voters of Point Grey do the right thing). In other words, vote in their own interests and those the province of BC, rather than rewarding Christy for lying, using her psuedo role as "premier" to pull new policy out of her ass on the fly and essentially govern the province of BC singlehandedly consulting no one, except her inner circle that wants to flood northern BC with oil spilled by the same guys currently making a mess near Edmonton - but oh yeah, the boss of Encana is one of her closest advisors . Just because policy is good for Encana, Accenture, Admiral Hahn and the rest of Gordo's old gang, doesn't mean it is good for Point Grey or the rest of BC. Don't let her insult your intelligience.
Along comes Christy Crunch Campbell to raise our minimum wage to the lowest in Canada, we were promised a BC Hydro review yet before the review even started BC Hydro let out a $400 million dollar smart meter contract...Rich Coleman has lied his face off on the file, BC Ferries ripped off regular riders of service, a blatant illegal rip-off now headed to court, we were told by Christy Clark that the HST referendum would be moved up from September 24 to June, now the referendum has turned into a two month affair running from June through August, Clark lied about moving up the referendum, Christy Clark also told the public that she would honour the voters wishes on the HST referendum but now Christy Clark has sent out Kevin Falcon to lie and scare the public about 2 years to get out out of the HST and adding new taxes to everything else is the HST is defeated.....Another lie from Christy Clark....

All Christy Clark has done is lie to the public everyday she has been premier, she lied about moving up the refendum, she lied about honouring the results of the referendum, she lied about a BC Hydro review, she lied about BC Rail and her involvement, Christy Clark has acknowledged the theft of gaming grants was wrong by partially restoring the shortfalls, she acknowledged the problem the BC Liberals created with our parks by removing the pathetic parking meters, but as for new Government from Clark, for get about it, the severance packages continue, the public affairs department continue, the corrupt courts continue, the assault on students and teachers continue, the same non-answers from Government in the Legislature continue, the same avoidance from Christy Clark continues.....

If you think this is just sour grapes from a radical progressive left wing whack job, and means maybe you should vote for Crusty, perhaps you should consider the view of someone from the other end of the spectrum, if not an entirely different planet who ALMOST NEVER agrees with Grant at PRP about anything. Check out how Alex Tsakumis feels about electing Christy Clark, Premier Christy Clark is a Coward: She’s Hiding from the People of Point Grey, Aided and Abetted by Her Friends in the B.C. Media. SHAME!!!. If you can get past the stuff about the multiple shrines to herself, in her home (elsewhere, not in Point Grey) without vomiting, you get to this excerpt, and of course there's more beyond the quote.
So, for a woman who LOVES the sound of her own voice, and is said to have practiced speech-making for years infront of any mirror that wouldn’t scream right back at her, why would she be afraid to debate the NDP’s David Eby and her other opponents in the Point Grey byelection? This is the same woman who forever and a day talked about democracy and open government. “A more accessible government…” is precisely what she told us she would demand of her current colleagues. No more Gordon Campbell style staged conferences and photo ops, Clark told us. Right? Right?


Christy Clark has no respect for you, particularly those of you who live or work, as I do, in Point Grey. She doesn’t give a sniff what questions you might want to ask. Clark is profoundly disinterested in talking to you, unless you’ve been pre-approved by her advance team. They’ll go down the list of federal Liberal supporters in that constituency, check against her own personal list and then, and only then, can you hand her a flower or have your infant grandson pose with her.

Not a stitch about policy, nothing.

Both Alex and Grant have much more about the Crusty One herself at their blogs, and its easy to find both places. Also, even a couple of the sheep in the flock that passes for a free press can't help but stray from the official Goddess Christy line, though they must feel strange this time of year wearint those kid gloves they use to dare say anything critical about the would be Empress with no clothes. Check out Gary Mason's How quickly Christy Clark has forgotten her radio host roots and Michael Smyth, as he strays off the reservation with No-show Clark has 'become what she once despised
Back in 2005, for example, she took a shot at then-NDP leader Carole James for failing to appear at a few all-candidates debates in her riding.

“Carole James is in the witness-protection program!” Clark chided.

But look who’s ducking and hiding now, as byelection day approaches in Vancouver-Point Grey?

Christy's performance in this "campaign" has made Stevie Spiteful's bubble campaign seem like 24/7 mainstreeting. To paraphrase a nasty key phrase from the campaign that elected a 39 percent Reformatory Majority in Ottawa. Remember Vancouver-Point Grey, Christy Clark didn't pretend to come to Point Grey for you, or British Columbia. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to send Christy packing, maybe she can work at CKNW for awhile again, before it goes bankrupt for changing from a relevant radio station into an outsourced arm of the Public Affairs Bureau. The whole province will thank you!


Anonymous Grant G said...

Kootcoot...I would gladly take back the title, 30 years since a sitting Government won a by-election....It should be a slam dunk message being sent..

American idol...Jersey Girl...Who has the brightest smile and most spinners...

Why let a pesky back-record get in the way..

Who would vote for a hard drug pushing polygamist who hates cops when you can vote for Jersey Girl with big white teeth.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 2:04:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This woman actually bragged in a radio interview about "trying to bottle fart gas and reuse it later" and, "likes to crush beer cans with her breasts " ?????

This is the best premier material the BC Liberals can come up with ??

Eby is on a much higher plain the Clark could ever be - though of course, the PAB will manufacture lies like there is no tomorrow.

Another good one Randy - thanks.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 4:15:00 PM PDT  
Blogger kootcoot said...

4:15 PM, if we are lucky and the voters of Pt. Grey aren't brain dead zombies, maybe we can look forward to youTube videos of Crusty Cluck Cluck crushing Orange Crush cans between her breasts (which probably are filled with something like sour alligator milk).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 7:19:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Danneau said...

Great piece, as usual, but I don't hold out much hope. I've watched (as you have) as in one opportunity after another, people have voted against their own best long-term interest. Part of the problem is the fear that if voters don't like the change they get, they can't do anything about it, which, in itself, speaks to the lack of ongoing and long-term commitment to the idea of citizen participation as part of life in society. I really appreciate reading your thoughts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 9:14:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. There is no way they will allow Christy to lose this election in Point Grey. Liberals don't even know, how Christy won the faux premier's spot. We know Christy is who, Campbell wanted to win. Campbell thought nothing of, twice lying to win two different elections. Christy's nasty insults, to Eby, was only a matter of time, before her true personality showed through. It is not beneath the Liberals dignity, to cheat to win.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 12:26:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous BC Mary said...

Much appreciated thoughts, Koot.

And the Point Grey voters' performance wasn't too shabby, I must say.

As for that SUDDEN upswing in the vote-count right at the end ... wow, what did you make of THAT.

RossK has a good analysis of it, over at Pacific Gazette. The vote-count and other things. How in heck do those LINOs keep getting away with it?

Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 8:28:00 AM PDT  
Blogger BC Mary said...

... which reminds me ... Mike Smyth in his column today offers a suggestion for the BC Liberals looking for a new name ...

The Witness Protection Party"

What do you think of THAT, Koot?

Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 10:08:00 PM PDT  

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