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Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it Drugs......or
Stunning Stupidity?

Senator Pam Wallin - or how to succeed with
neither brains nor beauty!

Updated below: 7:00 PM

This morning while listening to one of my favorite CBC shows, The Current (luv ya Anna Maria) and cleaning up the kitchen, I became perplexed and was forced to consider the fact that maybe this morning they had some really extra special drugs floating around the studio.

To begin with the "Voice" that usually has a really sharp and amusing comment to introduce the show, and puts a smile on my face even on a grumpy morning, just made me grumpy when I wasn't already. Perhaps the voice was just trying to be funny, and failed. But he reinforced the absurd meme promoted by Harper and the useless media that somehow having an election now and then is some kind of hardship for Canadians. I mean, would it be better if we had to exercise our democratic aspirations in the manner of Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans and the rest of the folks getting shot at? Two thirds of the Canada electorate, that show up, DO NOT want Stephen Harper to be President (sic) of Canada, no matter how much he thinks he deserves it.

Anyway the voice opened by referring to the debate coming up tomorrow night and said that (approximate quote) "Harper and Ignatieff will go mano-a-mano for six minutes, an hour or two less than Canadians expected when Harper issued his challenge/invite to have a one on one debate with the Liberal leader." But then he went on to say that that was FIVE minutes more debate between these two than Canadians were interested in hearing. As I said, maybe he was just trying, unsuccessfully to make a joke - because I know I would love to see two or three hours of meaningful substantive debate between the two, and Harper-Layton, Layton-Iggy etc. Having four or five people talking over each other in short sound bites for an hour or two is hardly a debate, no matter that Gilles Duceppe as irrelevant to BC as he may be makes more sense than any of them and Lizzie May the Harper helper has important issues to raise.

By the way my colleague, the Powell River Persuader, addresses this foolishness about the horrible cost (the cost of an afternoon of the G20 or 1 1/2 of Harper's new toy jets) in Bill Good, Fat Hog Boy!
And to finish up folks, I hear the Federal Cons and the media crying about the cost of an election, $300 million dollars, like I said, there is no better real person stimulus package than holding elections, having worked many elections the people who work them are seniors, students, mothers and fathers and people like me, almost all the money spent on elections goes to regular folks and this story here backs me up and debunks the myth that election spending is money wasted, it`s a great read enjoy

BC Liberals and Conservatives make me sick, out of one side of their mouth they claim spending $900 million on a roof is a stimulus package that creates jobs where as spending money employing little old people during an election is wasting money, Effing hypocrites! And what about Harper spending $30 million dollars in two months advertising how he spent billions of deficit dollars, that my friends is really wasted money, you wanted this election Harper, good luck with all those contempt of Parliament charges, pleasent dreams Bev Oda!

Actually the so-called Broadcaster's commission should maybe form government because in the last couple of weeks they actually made two GOOD decisions. First by barring Lizzie May from the debate, leaving more time for people who will actually elect members and today's decision to move up the French language debate that would have otherwise been entirely ignored if it had run up against the opening game of the Habs-Bruins playoff series. Come to think of it, this is becoming a pattern, calling an election during the playoffs, Capo Campbell held one during the Canucks run last time - anything to suppress the vote - maybe we can get down around Campbell's last popularity ratings for turnout at this rate, single digits.

The first segment was a three person panel discussing the federal election. Pamela "I retired to the Senate" Wallin was the designated talking point recitator for the HarperCons. After the previous spokesman had stated that the diffference between a Iggy and Stevie led government would be minimal, Pamela, either under the influence of the aforementioned drugs, showing absence of intellect or faithfully following Steve's training said she disagreed. She then went on to say that if Michael Ignatieff was to form government we would have, are you ready for this?

(replacement for Harris refugee Flaherty) Minister of Finance, Jack Layton!

(replacement for Airshow McKay) Minister of Defence, Gilles Duceppe!

Gimme a break! Yeah Pammie, maybe you should go back to Moose Jaw where you won't be a hazard to yourself or anyone else. I guess other than the turncoat Emerson, who turned INTO a PsuedoCon, I haven't noticed that many Liberal, NDP or Bloc cabinet ministers in Spiteful Stevie's minority COALITION GOVERNMENT!

The Daily Dose of HarperCon Sleaze(Updated)

Update: While John "Pit Bull" Baird foams at the mouth and quibbles about wording of various drafts of Ms. Fraser's report, that she cannot issue to a non-existent Parliament (good escape Stevie), Sheila Fraser issues a scathing letter that CAN be released. She is irate because the lying Harper crew lied to Parliament and falsely attributed statements to her regarding security measures at the G20. According to the CBC:

Auditor general Sheila Fraser is not pleased the Cons misquoted her about the G8 slush fund the day Parliament dissolved last month.

Their dissenting opinion to the committee report to the House read :

All witnesses brought forwarded testimony demonstrating strong endorsement of the government's unprecedented transparency to summit costs.

The Auditor General, Sheila Fraser commented in this regard the following: "We found that the processes and controls around that were very good, and that the monies were spent as they were intended to be spent."

.....but according to Ms. Fraser the quote had nothing to do with the summits. Instead, the Conservatives falsely recycled an old comment she made on security spending by a previous Liberal government after the 9/11 terrorist attacks a decade ago.

/tip of the touque to Alison at Creekside -- If the Harperites ain't lying they ain't talking and their lips ain't moving!

Original Post:

Spiteful Stevie has made a career out of disrespecting Parliament and Canadians who aren't either Corporate elite or Fundie Xtians who believe man and dinosaurs walked the earth together and Charles Darwin was the Devil's butler. He showed it during his time in opposition and with the NCC by telling Americans how third rate we were at every opportunity. He shows it in government by purposely muzzling his caucus and training them to disrupt committees and other parliatmentary processes. He shows it by after spending years attacking the un-elected Senate, then stacking it more than even Brian Mulroney (with deadwood like Wallin and Duffy) so that anything that offends his ideology will go there to die, even if sixty percent or so of the people's ELECTED representatives have passed it, sometimes even twice!

Then when the tactics above fail he brings out the big guns of either prorogation or calling yet another election. This time I figured he tried to get to call an election on the budget, to avoid the multiple comtempt charges, but this morning yet another thing Steve would prefer to avoid reared its ugly head. According to my NOT favorite paper the National Post:

Tories misled Parliament to get G8 funding: report

The Auditor General says the Conservative government misled Parliament in order to get support for millions in spending on projects for last June’s G8 conference in a Tory-held riding north of Toronto.

According to The Canadian Press, a Jan. 13 draft report from federal watchdog Shelia Fraser on the G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund found that Industry Minister Tony Clement, along with Huntsville, Ont. mayor Claude Doughty and the management of the upscale Deerhurst Resort ignored the funding conditions set out by the government when they handpicked more than 30 projects that received $50-million in taxpayer funding.

The money was meant to help the region prepare for the summit, enhance local infrastructure, and showcase the natural beauty of the area for foreign dignitaries and media.

The confidential report examining the $1.24-billion G8 conference
in the Ontario resort community and a later G20 meeting in Toronto was to be tabled in Parliament last week, but was shelved due to the election.

As part of her investigation, the auditor general was set to examine “whether the amounts spent were used for the intended purposes — for security, policing, organizing and hosting of the summits.”

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff accused Conservative leader Stephen Harper of sitting on the report, and called for its immediate release.

Mr. Ignatieff described the G8 summit as a “scandalous waste” through a “chain of bad decisions,” and is expected to address the leaked report Monday afternoon.

“This is an allegation by the auditor general about criminal activity. Let’s make sure the criminals are punished,” she said during a Toronto campaign event. “Let’s get to the bottom of it now — not after May 2.”

Sheila Fraser, one of the few people in Ottawa that I feel actually gets up every morning and says to herself - What can I do for Canadians, today?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another excellent post Koot - couldn't agree with you more.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 4:58:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Grant G said...

All I can say is...Wholly Shit, great update...

Lying bastards!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 7:44:00 AM PDT  

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