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Sunday, May 01, 2011

We Hardly Knew Ye!

If you pay attention to the Lamestream Press, you might think this guy would be the best to govern Canada.

The Mop and Flail and PostMedia preferred type of Leader

But unfortunately he is unavailable

Benito Mussolini - Ceding Power

So they have to go with this guy!

It's difficult to imagine that deep down Steven "Spiteful" Harper's political hero isn't Benito Mussolini and even worse is the fact that the so called media that he has effectively shut out of his campaign buys into his dream. All the Spiteful one has going for him is an attempt to scare Canadians into believing that letting anyone other than him have the keys to the kingdom will result in INSTABILITY and, oh my gosh, the trains won't run on time. With the exception of the Toronto Star (my favorite Canadian daily for ages), all the major so-called dailies have come out full court press in support of a Harper majority in the name of stable government in tough times. PostMedia in the Vancouver Sun sez that a Conservative Majority needed to see us through turbulent times, in one of their inane unsigned, unattributed dictats from on high. This in spite of the fact that they use three dense paragraphs at the end to point out that the Harper vision of democracy is seriously lacking in relation to respect for democracy, women, crime policy, education, healthcare, the environment and other things. The uniniated reading this drivel would think anything other than a Harper majority would lead to Canada forming a coalition with North Korea, Iran and Libya and every Canadian would lose his job within a week of any other electoral result.

After eleven or so paragraphs praising Harper to the max for basically holding the course, thanks to not having a majority, the Sun editorial says this means he should now have a majority so that he can really impose his will on all Canadians, including the almost three quarters of Canadians who think his entire world view is FUCKED. Then at the end they (in the interest of balance, I presume) point out that:
That being said, the Conservative record has some serious shortcomings and some remedial work is required. For a start, the government needs to revisit its position on the strategy to improve the health of mothers and young children in poor countries -Canada's signature initiative at last June's G8 summit. The Conservatives ruled out support for a contraceptive proposal, supplies and information for the program, arguing that family planning has no part of any plan to save lives. Wrong. Roughly 600,000 women die every year due to complications of pregnancy, labour, childbirth or unsafe abortions. The exclusion of family planning from this project puts women in danger and is illogical.

The Conservatives also need to rethink their policies on crime, particularly on mandatory sentencing and building more prisons. Policy should be based on evidence, and the evidence shows clearly that such costly measures are ineffective in preventing or reducing crime.

On issues of governance, Harper and the Conservatives must show more respect for open government and parliamentary conventions. They are the bedrock of our democracy. In that vein, we expect greater transparency and accountability in budgeting. Parliament is entitled to full disclosure on the cost of all programs, including the purchase of fighter jets. MPs need to vet these expenditures; that's their job.

Despite the Tories' flaws, however, a Conservative majority is the only path that at this time leads us to a Canada that will remain the prosperous, peaceful and predictable country in which we are fortunate enough to live.

This is basically the same pitch being thrown by all PostMedia excuses for media including the National Post, Vancouver Province, Calgary Herald, the Goober and Maul (the truth) and most dailies in Canada with the exception of that Liberal rag the Toronto Star, which has come out endorsing Jack Layton and the NDP as the best chance to STOP Harper's attempt to sidetrack democracy and turn Canada into a third rate imitation of the failing nation to our south.

Go to the Galloping Beaver - the Assault on Democracy

I'm pretty certain that I'm not alone in being frustrated when I talk to people and they tell me that "they don't care, because they all lie." But the Reverend Paperboy over at the Galloping Beaver does an excellent job of disassembling that view that only works to the advantage of the most evil option (in this case a Harper majority). He lays it out in a succinct list as follows (which may come from Lawrence Martin).

  • Both sides don't try to suppress the vote.
  • Both sides don't have crowds that shout down journalists when they ask questions.
  • Both sides don't throw people out of rallies for what might be on their facebook page.
  • Both sides don't want to cut corporate taxes while cutting programs for the poor.
  • Both sides don't fire the nuclear watchdog for doing her job.
  • Both sides don't pander to the religious right.
  • Both sides don't prorogue parliament.
  • Both sides haven't been found in contempt of parliament.
  • Both sides don't engage in specious personal smears and intimidation.
  • Both sides don't cancel the court challenges program.
  • Both sides aren't afraid to speak to the press or answer unscripted questions from voters.
  • Both sides don't issue manuals to their MPs on how to obstruct the work of parliamentary committees.
  • Both sides don't question the patriotism of those who disagree with them.
  • Both sides don't villify immigrants and expatriates as somehow being "less Canadian"

Think about which side you want to be on.

This list doesn't even include the fact that they (he) has tried to neuter StatsCan, because they prefer to operate in a fact free environment as much as possible.

This was the latest post when I was at the Beaver, but scroll down the front page to read about more explanation as to why Stephen the Spiteful Bully is the worst thing to happen to Canada since Clifford Olsen.

If you are fortunate enough to live in (one of) the BEST PLACE('s) on Earth, like I am fortunate enought to do (British Columbis), you also should check out Ross the Scientist's explanation of strategic/tactical voting to ensure that the modern day re-incarnation of Benito Mussolini doesn't get to run rampant over Canada for four or five year at Stopping All Cons: A Comprehensive Guide To Strategic Surge Voting In British Columbia


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