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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Paroxysms of
Moral Outrage!"

The Electorate (according to the Elite!)

Even though Wikileaks has been releasing info about things like the Iraq war and the Afghanistan situation for awhile now, the governing elite is especially cheesed this week as heretofore assumed "secret' diplomatic cables are being released daily this week. Today is Tuesday and the apparently one quarter million embarrassing communications are only beginning to become public knowledge but already folks like Hillary Clinton and the Canadian government are beginning to respond like it was the end of civilization. Also even though Canada's involvement hasn't been a focus yet, already stuff has surfaced that shows us that those who claim to be working for us, the people of Canada, have a whole 'nuther agenda. The most shameful exposure to date is Jim Judd, former head of CIS, the useless organization that teamed up with that other useless organization the RCMP to ensure that no one important would ever be convicted of having anything to do with the Air India Tragedy. No matter how often Mounties/CIS agents with unlimited overtime can convince stoooopid young middle eastern men to buy fertilizer from them, rather than actually doing a terrorist attack, these people deserve no respect. As the Montreal Gazette succinctly put it:

Wikileaks: Canada’s spy chief spent his days mocking Canada

The torrent of gossipy revelations from Wikileaks’ latest outpouring—this time, classified diplomatic cables from U.S. embassies all over the world—has mostly left Canada untouched (so far). The big exception to this is the one and only cable to have been leaked from the Ottawa embassy, in which Canada’s then-CSIS chief Jim Judd had some choice words about, well, us.

From Wikileaks:

Director Judd ascribed an “Alice in Wonderland” worldview to Canadians and their courts, whose judges have tied CSIS “in knots,” making it ever more difficult to detect and prevent terror attacks in Canada and abroad.


He observed that the images [of interrogations] would no doubt trigger “knee-jerk anti-Americanism” and “paroxysms of moral outrage, a Canadian specialty,” as well as lead to a new round of heightened pressure on the government to press for [Omar] Khadr’s return to Canada.

It’s always nice to know that federal employees are putting down their fellow citizens to foreign governments. There’s something so Canadian about the fact that so far, the Canadian bombshell from Wikileaks has been that a high-placed government official was trying to ingratiate himself to Washington by making fun of us.

For his excellent service in mocking to the Canadian people, Judd was given the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Public Service. Try not to think of this when reading that .

But the thing is there are many reasons to go into "paroxysms of moral outrage" presented to us daily in British Columbia. To start with there is Craig James, the improperly appointed "acting" head of Elections BC. He has only, in his few months of sitting in his LIEberal appointed position done a few things against the interests of the people of BC, the people for who he is supposed to work, such as:

1. Refused to challenge the LIEberal Party on their website and other anti-HST promotional material, improper since the LIEberals hadn't bothered to register as a proponent, in spite of a recommendation by the RCMP (usually the LIEberal's handmaidens themselves).

2. Refused to forward the signed and completed anti-HST petition, forcing the proponents to take him to court, where they won.

3. As a "temp" head fired the second in command at Elections BC (with 28 years seniority) almost assuredly because she had approved the refusal to allow the LIEberal Party to act as an opposing proponent, since they hadn't bothered to comply with the regulations in order to comply. This resulted in the LIEerals having to destroy 3/4 million dollars worth of tax-payer funded glossy brochures!

4. Threaten a miniscule number of signees of the anti-HST petition with jail time and fines for possible duplicate signings of the petition and trying to lay charges against seven canvassers who had accidentally or otherwise accepted same.

5. Is now playing semantic games about word count to force everyone to resubmitt recall petitions even if it is necessary to CHANGE the rules after the application was submitted. But then when you realize how petty he wants to be about this you find out that he apparently hasn't paid much attention to definition of his OWN JOB or Section 5(3) of the British Columbia Elections Act which says:

The chief electoral officer must not
(a) hold another office or engage in other employment,

Thanks to that alert and sane commentator Norman Farrell we find out that:
Craig James, Acting Chief Electoral Officer, in a letter dated October 7, 2010 to MLA John Horgan, boasts:

* "[I perform work] for the World Bank and Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation (CCAF, Inc.)
* "I have been engaged with the Bank in a variety of tasks. . . It has taken me to places such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and El Salvador, to name a few. . .
* "The Turkish Government has asked me to assist them with a strategic plan . . .
* "The World Bank continues to rely upon me for assistance. . .
* "As for the CCAF, the Advisory Board meets regularly in Ottawa to discuss matters of financial import . . . and corporate structures generally. Again, this is very rewarding work.
* "The World Bank has asked me to lead a seminar in Bangladesh in December, while the CCAF has asked me to attend a planning session in Ottawa in November.
* "I am also the Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Public Accounts Committees and have been since 1985.
* "I occupy a number of other positions, such as the Deputy Chair of the Editorial Board of the Canadian Parliamentary Review."

Being as busy as he is, doing "very rewarding work" outside his role as Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. James apparently has not had time to read the Act of the BC Legislature that defines his job.

Repugnantly outrageous also is the 200-300 well-paid "communication" experts (SPIN DOCTORS and propagandists) we are forced to pay to lie to us AND monitor our own communications and any media mention of God Gordo and his Apostles of Greed.

Then there is the reorganization of the so-called "dirt ministries" or the resource oriented ministries, like mining, forestry, gas and oil and such that Gordon Campbell, without even having the Legislature sit is trying to turn into a ONE STOP STRIP MALL with no or minimal environmental evaluations required, so that he can EVEN MORE RAPIDLY dispose of the assets of British Columbians to his mostly offshore corporate friends. See BC Mary here for more on this.

There are lots of reasons to have "paroxysms of moral outrage," but for a resident of British Columbia there is no reason to look beyond our own borders to find more than we can even deal with in our own minds thanks to the ongoing crime spree of the so called government of Gordo "Capo" Campbell."


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