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Thursday, November 25, 2010

in his own pathetic words

As Good as it Gets

Finally a serious contender for the booby prize of leader of the BC LIEberal Party (or replacement capo of the Campbell Crime Family) has stepped forward. Moira Stillwell, MLA for little more than a year, has announced her intentions, for whatever bizzare reason, but she would be well advised to go back to her medical career where she might actually contribute to society in a positive manner. Gordon Campbell's personal flack (former tone deaf music critic) Vaughn Palmer has today invited us to Meet George Abbott, would-be B.C. premier, in his own words. The unfortunate thing about this is that old bobblehead is probably as good as it gets for the party of corruption and insider dealing, he just looks stupid, rather than outright evil and greedy.

After some opening comments that highlight George's strong points, like the fact that he comes from the hurtland (that he has contributed to the hurt of) and used to deal with fertilizer and strawberries, rather than just fertilizer from the mouth, George addresses some serious issues, such as:
On relations across the floor: "As legislators we need to find some ways that we can bridge the partisan gap that I think too often characterizes our discussions."

On opposition members who get carried away in question period: "Cue the spontaneous outrage ... time to get off the grassy knoll."

This is rich coming from a member of a party that set new levels in disrespect in opposition and acted like Genghis Khan once in government. And the grassy knoll comment got me attacked when I mentioned on someone else's blog comment thread that we might not really ever get rid of Gordo until he passed a grassy knoll.

This one will serve him well if he is the leader in the next election, and it would be excerpted in a campaign video by any opposition other than the wet noodle NDP.
From a speech not likely to be excerpted in the campaign video: "I strongly support the harmonization of sales taxes because it is good public policy, and I will continue to support it for that reason."

I can't even imagine what bobblehead is thinking, with the following, I mean does Abbott carry Mao's Little Red Book in his vest pocket? Very unusual for a right wing free enterpriser!
On the government's conversation on health: "We are going to welcome a range of views ... To paraphrase Chairman Mao: Let a thousand flowers blossom."

Then Campbell's goto guy can't resist a little self promotion (maybe he should run for the leadership). According to George:
"When I want to find out what the government is doing, I read Vaughn Palmer. Now, it is not every morning I want to know what the government is doing, and on those occasions, I don't read him."

That from a front bench cabinet minister is simply stunning! But now we get into territory where one has to ask if Mr. Abbott is on drugs, with:
What he hoped people would say about the Liberals at the end of their first term: "We may not have liked everything they did, but by God, they kept their word."

As I recall their WORD included things like WE WON' SELL BC RAIL, WE WON"T TEAR UP CONTRACTS and that they would be the most open and transparent government in the history of the universe.
On the future as he saw it, circa 2003: "I know that I'm much closer to the end of my political career than I am to the beginning of it. There is a life beyond politics, and someday I hope to explore some of the opportunities in the private sector and elsewhere -- perhaps not too soon."

Maybe Vaughn hasn't had a chance to talk with George for the last seven years, as perhaps George hasn't shown up under Gordo's desk where Vaughn is curled up crowded up against Lara. But I would think that Mr. Abbott's days as a member of government are numbered, and they may end before 2013. The really unfortunate thing is compared to the rest of the bunch he seems like a nice and reasonable guy - the options are Rich "the Shank" Coleman, Birdbrain Falcon and the second most habitual liar in BC Colonoscopy Hansen.


Blogger Gary E said...

Well Kootcoot

It seems that the PAB aren't the only ones who can dig up dirt. Funny though, the MSM seems to fail miserably in this area when it comes to the Governing Party.

Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 6:02:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on the BC Liberal ministers, mla's and Craig James, for supporting, the evil of Campbell. On Global TV, teachers said, our BC children are too hungry to do their school work. Double shame on you, Monica Stillwell, you are a doctor. Craig James, tampered with the BC Elections wording. Is he so stupid he can't see, Campbell will call him a criminal, and say James acted without his knowledge, and Campbell will cut James throat, as he did to Basi and Virk. It is beyond disgusting, what people are willing to sell their souls for, to the evil devil Campbell. My god, the filth of it all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010 at 1:53:00 PM PST  

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