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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pondering Pond Scum

Having a Scrum with some Scum - Dave Basi

David Basi is scum, and I have NO sympathy for him or his family, which apparently (though the MSM would have hidden this from you forever if not for BC Mary) includes his presently jailed cousin, who is taking a society imposed break from his normal role supplying Vancouver Island with Cocaine. Of course this is exactly the type of individual one would expect a criminal organization like the Campbell Crime Family to appoint to be the top aide to the Finance Minister. Of course now that we taxpayers have, against our will (mine anyway), been coerced into coughing up six million dollars of hush money for the defense of Basi and Virk, to take seven years to plead guilty, we may never find out why Mr. Basi was receiving calls from his cuz the dope dealer regularly at his desk in OUR legislature. Or maybe that RCMP official who stated that organized crime had infiltrated all levels of our government shortly after the raid on the legislature wasn't exaggerating at all - it is just that we peons will never get to find out what he was talking about.

As it stands, the province (us) has agreed to cough up what amounts to one tenth of the amount that the province contributes annually to Legal Aid for these two "poor" men, and according to idiots like Ding Dong DeJong, merely because it would be too difficult to collect anything from Basi and Virk. I think everybody knows it would be too impossible to shut up Basi and Virk unless they were taken care of. While we are on the subject of how poverty stricken poor Dave and Bobby are, consider some information disclosed by the Globe and Mail:
At first glance, it appears Mr. Basi is a man of property with significant resources to contribute to at least a sizeable portion of the cost of his legal fees.

Mr. Basi, his wife Inderjit and mother Sukhbir had four houses in Victoria in 2003 that were valued at $1.2-million, according to media reports after the raid on the legislature.

A year later, in March, 2004, the media reported that Mr. Basi bought five acres near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island. Five months after that, Mr. Basi and his wife bought a $279,000 house in Esquimalt, the media reported.

Jeepers, it must be tough getting fired from your job and charged with various felonies - oh yeah honey, let's buy some acerage at Shawnigan Lake and another house, after all we only own four already, and the grow show in the one did get busted, after all.

The entire sale of BC Rail has stunk from the get go and the recently folded BC Rail Corruption Trial was a farce from start to finish - mainly a way to avoid answering questions about the BC Rail Sale for seven years while the BC liaRs could get re-elected twice. Now that the trial has served its purpose and Gordon Campbell is toast anyway, the game plan seems to be, send Dave and Bobby home, look after them of course and with the help of the drones in the sorry excuse for a press in BC convince everyone to move along, there never was anything here.

The best analysis from an Ian who was actually in the courtroom (as opposed to the pompous and "accredited" Ian Mulgrew)during some of the then covered by Publication Ban wrangling can be found in Why the BC Rail deal sucks. And why you should care by Ian Reid at his blog the Real Story. In this piece Mr. Reid explains how a closed door, publication ban (at the time) protected wranglefest showed that Wild Bill Berardino (who everyday appears more and more to have been representing Gordon Campbell and the BC liaR cabinet, rather than the people of British Columbia) lost his contention that evidence of "investigative bias" could not be introduced. Mr. Reid makes a compelling case that this set-back for Wild Bill "set the stage for the deal consummated Monday morning, the deal that paid off the defendants and stopped the trial."
A week later, with the jury back, Michael Bolton got up and asked Martyn Brown about Kelly Reichart and Kevin de Bruyckere. The defence won the closed door argument about admissibility. The Special Prosecutor lost.

That meant the way was clear for the defence to question Gary Collins, even Gordon Campbell amongst others, about these issues. The way was clear to ask about Reichart and deBruyckere and about the RCMP steering the investigation away from Gary Collins. More importantly, the way was clear to introduce evidence supporting the claim.

We know that there are wiretaps of Collins. We know he was a subject of the investigation in 2003. Then he wasn’t. We know that he was to be questioned over Christmas of 2003 then he wasn’t. We don’t know why.

Are there wiretaps of Reichart and Collins? Is there an RCMP report regarding the deBruyckere and Reichart relationship? What about the evidence the RCMP gathered at the Villa Del Lupo meeting with Omnitrax? What was it that the defence wanted to ask Gary Collins? What evidence did they have to support their questions?

There’s no doubt they had some. Justice Elizabeth Bennett ruled that much of what the defence had received from the government was relevant to the case. Some went directly to the question of innocence.

With the end of Brian Kennings pitiful testimony, Gary Collins was next on the stand. The prosecution knew when they lost the admissability argument in June that this was going to be a difficult moment. And in a two-week period leading up to the October 18 trial resumption they lowered their plea bargain offer from four years in federal prison to two years of house arrest with lots of allowances, while the government kicked in $6million and a non-disclosure agreement to sweeten the deal.

Now according to a radio station and a show hosted by a guy who sleeps with a PABsteress, whose call letters or link I will not even publish because I've taken a vow to quit publishing instructions for how to find sewage, garbage and lies, there IS NO non-disclosure agreement. According to this regular shill and enabler for the Campbelloids:
Attorney-General Mike de Jong says the two men who pleaded guilty to breach of trust charges in the BC Rail corruption case are free to talk to the media.

Mike de Jong is flatly denying a report that Dave Basi and Bobby Virk were made to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

He says "..absolutely not--there is no such provision".

Mind you the "big time" media in BeeCee is notoriously lax in details like fact checking or the whole issue of truth - unlike those consipacy theorist bloggers. You'd think with actual paid staff and all that the MSM could do a better job, but then I guess you would have to assume they wanted to do a better job. They aren't a "news" organization, they are a public relations firm, similiar to the Public Affairs Bureau, except that they are paid for by advertising instead of tax dollars.

In BeeCee even the News is REDACTED

I've decided on a new policy of not linking to the normal biased drivel/crap put out by Gordon Campbell's butt lickers at the Sun, Times-Colonist, Province and elsewhere unless they are actually saying something that makes sense and isn't trying to either ignore the truth or spin it out of recognition. But for this one I will give the link because this takes censoring the news to excitiing new levels. First here is the summary/link at Google News this morning:
Pony up, partyThe Province - Dave Diether - ?5 hours ago?
Because misters Basi and Virk were hired into government as Liberal political appointees, why not require the ...

So I went there and this is what I found. (The large red letters are added by me since it may be difficult to read the same words in the top left hand corner of the page that were the whole article in the Province.


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Cheers..The truth,

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It's back up now as of 1:24pm

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