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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What Happened Yesterday?
Nothing Worth Reporting in Court

But, Oh yeah!

There was Another
Train Wreck

photo - - Click on Pic to enlarge

I'm not going to tell you that the picture above is the derailment that happened in Quesnel yesterday, it is a part of Colorado that looks like that part of BC though. I guess we should consider it good performance by CN, that it has been a whole two weeks since the last (more spectacular) incident in Prince George.

Of course according to all the media reports I've heard about this derailment, it was just a switching accident in the yard. No one was injured and no hazardous materials were involved (it was ten "empty" cars according to some reports). Of course after the line of malarky reported about the incident in Prince George, compared to what actually happened, forgive me if I retain the right to entertain some skepticism. For all I know the whole old BC Rail mainline is now part of the CN yard, after all, there is a big switching yard in Prince George that includes four miles of track joining the two parts. Why not a few hundred miles of "yard" joining the switching yard in Vancouver with those in Prince George. And why use actual humans on the trains to operate them in the "yard" when the handy dandy remote controls can eliminate those costly union trainmen and engineers.

Even the ever so fair and balanced BC Mary couldn't resist a touch of snark with:

Now, please help me with this. The railroad tracks cross Highway 97 within the city limits of Quesnel, right? Just there beside the lumber yards, right? So is this "the downtown switching yard" Kelli speaks of?? And so is Hwy 97, by any chance, possibly now "re-designated" as a CN rail yard?? Just asking. - BC Mary.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that some kind of conference call hearing happened yesterday in the glacial BC Rail Trial. Maybe Justice Bennett sat behind the bench communicating with the Special Prosecutor and the Defense team by cell phone. According to the information so generously shared with the people (who foot the bills) by the Justice Ministry, about 14 pages worth of motions etc. were dealt with yesterday, some of them even supposedly in famous Room 54. According to StoneWally's Ministry further court action is scheduled for September 17, as usual, we'll believe it when that date rolls around. Of course even then, it remains to be seen if our ever vigilant media will consider whatever may happen then worthy of reporting on.

BC Mary wrote to the managing editor of the Vancouver Stun and according to him nothing much took place yesterday, BUT, the Sun will be sharing some information with the rest of us in a day or two. To wit:

And Kirk Lapointe, Managing Editor of Vancouver Sun, very kindly replied:

Hi Mary:

The truth is, nothing much has happened in the process, so we haven't been consuming resources during this heavy holiday season on non-news.

But we are at work on a piece that will move in the next two or three days, so bear with us.

Kirk LaPointe,
Managing Editor,
The Vancouver Sun.

It's hard for me to imagine all those things that are more important to the people of British Columbia than why the RCMP raided the Legislature so many years ago now during the Christmas holidays. I also tend to consider it relevant why Mr. Campbell completely reversed himself and sold BC Rail and whether unethical or even illegal activities were involved in the bidding process and sale. But since I'm not a Master of the Universe or BC Lieberal member of government maybe I'm just supposed to consider it NONE OF MY BUSINESS and assume that Canned West/GlowBall will act accordingly.


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