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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two out of
Ain't Bad...maybe

Today's online Court Schedules indicate that Aneal Basi and Bob Virk will be appearing to face criminal charges, namely - Accepting bribe as a government official, Breach of trust by public officer, Accepting bribe as a government official, Accepting bribe from person dealing with gov't, Offering to influence government official, Breach of trust by public officer, Fraud over $5000 (two counts). Does this mean those two Basi (but not that Basi) boys are going to be there? Does this mean the trial has actually started? I mean, can the trial actually begin without the bad guys (alleged of course).

Then again, there have been court actions involving myself and criminal charges that occurred in abstentia, in Amerika. Hell I even committed crimes in jurisdictions where I never went in premises I had never visited, etc. This was all straightened out eventually, with an emphasis on the EVENTUALLY.

Of course I looked at the court listings a couple hours ago now, who knows what they say now, unless one goes there again. I'm not saying anybody is practicing obfuscation at the Ministry of the Attorney General, but if they wanted to do so not posting anything until a couple hours before court time and then changing it throughout the day might be a valuable technique. You can't convince me that a group of administrators and lawyerly types convene at logging or cow milking time in the morning to set up the day's schedule so the AG's own web wizard can post it by or at or after 6:30am. I mean, I would be willing to bet serious money that the schedule is pretty well set the previous afternoon at the latest, after all, defendants, counsel and other staff need to up.

I will also admit that the court's business is even more the defendant's, counsel's and other staff's business than everyone else in BC. However, what goes on in the British Columbia Supreme Court, barring privacy concerns in certain situations, is the business of every one in the province. Otherwise why not just have Star Chambers and don't even bother us with it at all. In this case where government officials are accused of committing crimes while in government employ at taxpayer expense and the entire government stands accused of many questionable actions and CONVICTED (as in proven to be) as LIARS, it is most definitely in the public's interest to be informed. Especially when the crimes in question may very well have been against the public's interests even more than most crime.

I'll be in suspenders all day, not wondering what happened on Smithe Street, but wondering whether Lucinda thinks anything has happened or NOT. Lucinda, use the deck in East Van as your reference point for important enough to qualify as news. Then using that as a benchmark, explain why you don't have to break into regular programming on a daily basis to follow the BC Rail Trail - (I thought it was a trial too, but someone in Hansard or the Listings referred to the Trail, and I'm not learned enough to debate the point).


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