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Thursday, January 06, 2011

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Creeping out Sane Folks Everywhere!

2011 promises to be a fascinating year for political observers at every level municipal, provincial/state, national and international.

In British Columbia we have a virtual clown show of leadership contests and ongoing corruption being covered by a media full of idiots or tools who consistently refuse to actually address a relevant issue almost ever.

BC liaR's Club<

It's a wonder I have a TeeVee in my home that still works, it is a sign of self discipline that I haven't thrown shoes, mugs or anything at hand through them all when I watch the fawning coverage of the leadership races in the only parties that have a chance of forming the government in British Columbia. On the one hand there is the fawning attempt to treat those vying to take over the Campbell Crime Family as if they offered any real change and weren't all accessories to a ten year crime spree as is the (as RossK refers to it) the proMedia itself - both on paper and through the air or cable.

First, and currently considered the favorite is Christy Clark, who on the one hand is portrayed as an outsider, but in reality is the most soiled by the depredations of BC Rail and the assault on public education AND the most involved with the very players who participated most intimately in the theft of BC Rail. After all, it wasn't Kevin Falcon's wife or Mike DeJong's brother whose homes were also searched contemporaneously with the Raid on the Legislature. Except for the genitalia, Christy is the closest to a Gordon Campbell clone in the race, so if you liked Gordo, you'll love Cluck Cluck.

Then there is Mike DeJong, who allegedly graduated from law school. Then again, when I hear the following exchange (when an NW softball pitcher went rogue and actually tried to get an answer or two - Michael Smythe the other day), I wonder who actually sat for his bar exam:

Smythe: "I'm suggesting that there is an appearance that the trial was shut down because you guys were going to pay $6 million to these guys' lawyers."

De Jong: "OK, well then let's not talk about appearances, Mike, let's talk about what happened. And let's talk about a role played by an independent prosecutor, who by the way, I've never met, never spoken with, so you know I get why people were angry. An eight-year criminal investigation and trial that led to the criminal conviction of two people for the worst possible breeches of the public trust. No one should be happy about any of that."

Smythe: "Yeah, the worst possible breeches of the public trust and we give their lawyers six million bucks. They're set for life."

De Jong: "Pursuant to a policy Mike that was established in the 1990s."

Smythe: "Well hang on a minute, because the policy as far as I know said that you are indemnified for your lawyer unless you're guilty. I remember when Glen Clark had his house searched, and the government of the day said 'Hey we'll pay for Glen Clark's lawyer unless he's guilty, then we want the money back', right?

De Jong: "Right."

Smythe: "That's the policy. Here we have a situation where these guys plead guilty to these very serious crimes - corruption crimes - and their lawyers are set for life. They're laughing all the way to the bank."

De Jong: "Yes, and your point, Mike?"

The POINT is Mike, that in spite of your attempt to blame it on the policy and the policy on the NDP (jeepers, there's that deck in East Van), the POINT is AS Mr. Smythe already pointed out, THEY WERE FOUND GUILTY - I would think a person who could get into and through law school would be able to see that.

Then we have Kevvie "birdbrain" Falcon, BC's own latent brownshirt. Merit pay for teachers - wow! Merit pay for guys like Falcon would make more sense, we could have had government for free (as far as politician's salaries) for the last ten years with that kind of policy. It would make more sense to have contracts with your buddies with Rape of the River deals that obligated BC Hydro (us - for now) to pay them for their power a price related to what it is worth. Let's be clear here, at least electical power is something that CAN be measured - unlike education "results."

Actually George Abbott is the least offensive candidate from the liaR Mob. However, you know that thing with his head? I think it is a sign of his own discomfort with having to lie regularly to stay in cabinet and caucus. Or for those familiar with poker, it is Abbott's "tell." He truly seems like a person who means well, but obviously doesn't understand that if you run with crooks, you are one as well.

The Comic Relief Party

While the proMedia prefers as much a possible to ignore the (perhaps) Loyal (maybe) Opposition NDP, when they can't ignore them they never miss a chance to either make them look foolish, silly or hopeless. During the last election when Carole James attempted to go inspect Rape of the River project on the central coast, all we heard about was how windy it was (as if she controlled the weather) and the effect it had on her hair. Somehow the massive rip-off and environmental destruction that the project represented wasn't a relevant part of the story.

Harry Lali is apparently going to announce his candidacy later today and already he is being portrayed as kinda out there on the CBC Radio because he suggested that the whole deal with Glen Clark's deck smelled of a conspiracy. Well let's compare that small deck in East Van to say the BC Rail Trial. For one thing anyone with a TeeVee watched Glen Clark pace by his kitchen window and the two extras from a Sopranos shoot leaving a North Burnaby card club EVERY effing night, FOR MONTHS. Then when it got to court there actually was a trial that lasted 136 days, resulting in an aquittal - meanwhile Glen Clark was destroyed politically and combined with the showboating over the Fast Cats, so was the party. Meanwhile the proMedia has been trying as hard as possible to ignore the BC Rail Scam and when that doesn't work, convince everyone it doesn't matter anymore, if it ever did.

Even more disturbing is the destructive attitude and behaviour of those one would think share the professed values of the NDP and would prefer to have a government that wasn't a criminal organization in disguise, folks like the articulate but often stunned Norman Farrell, or the petulant former Carole Jame's Chief of Staff, Ian Reid or the shrieking David Shreck. Hell with guys like them on the other side, the BC liaRs don't have to even air their own attack ads.

Yesterday Norm Farrell continued his sniping campaign against all the sane folks who accepted the fact that Carole James HAD to go (as does MOE) by publishing a letter from an old school mate from Powell River attacking the first actual MLA to throw his hat in the ring for the leadership. An excerpt:
I find it disturbing that a Judas who has being an ineffectual MLA and considered a lightweight by the Party would now to think he can lead a Party that he tried to tear apart as a member of a pack of dissidents who disregarded all Party protocol and tradition.

Well, well, the Judas part refers to the fact that Mr. Simons was conspicous by his lack of fashion sense, ie. he doesn't wear yellow(belly) scarves. The part about being "an ineffectual MLA and considered a lightweight" is laughable. Ever since the days when Joy and Jenny were the opposition the NDP has been an entire caucus of ineffectual MLAs, tasked with passively watching an ongoing crime spree against the people of British Columbia with hardly an occassional peep, while being busy trying to court the same corporate elite that already own the BC Liberal Party and whomever winds up being their servant/so called leader. For the last seven years this has been a party where the "heavyweights" act like lightweights without even the speed of a good lightweight. Give me a break!


As bizzare and fascinating as BC Politics is, even more so now than usual, things are just as bizzare seemingly everywhere.

To the south we have the new Weeper of the House, John Boehner ("Boner" to Dubya) taking the big gavel, which he will undoubtably need to beat down the TeaHadists whose election made it possible for him to take the gavel away from Fidel Castro's twin sister, separated at birth, little Nancy Pelosi. For an excellent discussion of Mr. Tears see Matt Taibbi's fine piece from the Rolling Stone - The Crying Shame of John Boehner - a sample paragraph:
When he wasn't busy protecting sex offenders, Boehner was gracing the hallowed grounds of the Capitol building with all the dignity and class of a boxing promoter, calling one legislative deal a "crap sandwich" and blasting an Obama tax compromise as "chicken crap" (an unfortunate choice of words, given that massive amounts of poultry waste have created an ecological disaster in his own district). Boehner is also an innovator in the loathsome new political phenomenon of men crying in public, co-owning mastery of the habit with screeching media dillweed Glenn Beck.

Then there's the intriguing game of trying to guess which European country will go broke next, when the combined immprisoned, unemployed and homeless (due partly to an upcoming foreclosure Tsunami) of the US will outnumber those with jobs and/or homes.

Of course Parliament fires itself up again at the end of the month and we can start a pool about when either prorogation or an election will occur. Of course we can set odds on whether the next war will be in the Korean penninsula, Pakistan or Iran or ?

So much to comment on and so little time!


Anonymous Grant G said...

Norman Farrell...To post a letter from an angry schoolmate sniping at Nicholas Simons is, was pathetic..

What next, a report from Simons`s neighbors that his music playing keeps them up at night...Or perhaps his fashion sense isn`t up to snuff..

Yet the Farrell spies and stooges don`t write about leckstrom, about Bill Bennett, about Nettleton, about Abbott all going rogue and radical in the Campbell crime family...

Ian Reid led Carole James to defeat, he will never get another chance at redemption, he will always be known as a loser advisor...

As for Farrell, he likes the status quo, I bested Farrell over Kash Heed(Farrells hero)....

Farrell believes and trusts a crooked cop and law breaker, but attacks Simons, the most honest politician in Victoria with no skeletons....

Farrell has his nose stick up Reids ass, the reasonÉ...

Farrell is a fool, period!

Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 10:50:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Jon H said...

Kootkoot, I would like to comment on the old schoolmate's letter to the editor of the Powell River Peak that Norm Farrell posted on his Blog ( I didn't post to his blog because everytime I have disagreed with his views he hasn't posted my comment). First a little history lesson of of the Powell River Peak. The Peak is as right wing as The Province and the Vancouver Sun so you know anytime there is anything disparaging said about anyone in the NDP they'll report it while giving the Liberals a pass on everything. The Peak came into Powell River as a free of charge newspaper and competed with the Powell River News (which was a Union Newspaper that had been in the community since Powell River was founded).The Powell River News paid their employees living wages and benefits. After the P.R. News could not compete with a newspaper that was free they went "belly up". After the Peak had their competitor out of the way they proceeded to then charge for their newspaper and I'm pretty sure they don't pay Union Wages ( Sounds like the BC Liberal way doesn't it?) Secondly, Norm's old schoolmate is a minority in this riding and as far as Nicolas Simons being an ineffectual MLA I can tell you from experience that Nicolas has always come to the defence of his constituents anytime he has been asked to and is a man of morals unlike most politicians today.It's Norm's old Schoolmate that is out of touch and as far as "using any influence and resources he can muster to ensure that Nicolas doesn't get elected as leader of the Provincial NDP" well I'm pretty sure there's plenty of room for his style and the rest of the lemmings over in the BC Liberal Camp because "real democrats" don't need the like of him.

Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 10:57:00 AM PST  
Anonymous BC Mary said...


I wonder ...

where you say that THEY WERE FOUND GUILTY - that's the point of wanting a Public Inquiry, isn't it?

Basi and Virk were not, i.m.o., "found guilty". There was no convincing testimony, no real trial.

What appears to have happened is that the Crown offered to let Basi and Virk go home with their $6 million lawyer bill paid by the BC taxpayers - if Basi and Virk would say they were Guilty as charged." Very few among us could refuse such a deal.

And if they are free to discuss their situation, I look forward to what they can tell us. What do you think: are they free to speak in their own defence now? Or are they in some sort of lock-down, further suggesting that there's something the Campbell Gang is determined to hide.

Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 2:03:00 PM PST  
Blogger kootcoot said...

Jon H,

Thanks for the background on the Peak, it certainly isn't surprising and as you so accurately put it, it "Sounds like the BC Liberal way doesn't it"


I'm not clear on what your point might be - for starters I don't recall saying THEY WERE FOUND GUILTY, in this post. There was no trial to speak of, no findings to speak of and very little testimony from anyone not faking early onset dementia.

I think I may have inelegantly used the phrase in CAPS above in an earlier post, and I apologize. However, in the voodoo game that is the law, a GUILTY PLEA is the same as a verdict by judge or jury of GUILTY and some people consider it even more damning as the accused who pleads guilty can hardly later claim that a witness lied or the jury got it wrong. In a way it is equivalent to a confession that can't be thrown out due to duress or other questionable methods of obtaining it. Of course in the 21st century even confessions extracted through TORTURE are becoming acceptable in the ever more Kafkaesque legal system that the ever more fascist governments here and in the US are busy implementing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 3:49:00 PM PST  
Blogger kootcoot said...

BTW Mary, Basi and Virk for all practical purposes did say "they were Guilty as charged." It was Gordo who plead "nolo contendre" in his Maui drunk driving episode, essentially not really admitting guilt, but more like saying "if you say so!"

As far as whether Basi and Virk can come clean, that depends on who you ask, which cabinet minister or which excuse for a reporter. I would tend to think that their silence is what the six million is for and the hearing on January 11 is all about making sure that if they change their mind they won't be able to back up anything they might say.

Most people seem to say, or think there is some kind of gag order attached to the Six Million dollar gift from the taxpayers.

Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 3:56:00 PM PST  
Blogger BC Mary said...


Your expanded take makes sense. Btw, the line I quoted is a "copy-and-paste" taken from early in your above piece.

Also, I am bothered by a learned opinion which says that if the trial had been allowed to run its course, Basi and Virk could well have been found NOT guilty as charged. And the $6million therefore would have been justified.

Bothers me even more, the injunctions being tossed like confetti, on what people can or dare not say. I hope Basi and/or Virk write a book telling ALL.

One more thing: it bothers me a lot (Brian Kearans most recently) when people say so confidently that if we want or feel the need for a Public Inquiry, then of course we must be NDP. Wrong, wrong.

Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 5:39:00 PM PST  
Blogger kootcoot said...

Mary, I can understand why it bothers you when people ".......say so confidently that if we want or feel the need for a Public Inquiry, then of course we must be NDP. Wrong, wrong."

Let's face it, there may be a germ of truth there. It is pretty clear that corruption, cronyism and dishonesty are stock in trade and basically business as usual for any genuine BC Liberal, so perhaps anyone who prefers a government that serves the people instead of robbing them may just be NDP by default - whether they realize it or not.

In a sane world any party would adhere to values that include ethics and the rule of law - but British Columbia seems to inhabit some other realm.

I would speculate that most of the folks that were convinced Glen Clark was corrupt with ties to Mobsters were BC Liberals. Well they got their way, I mean a 136 day trial in BC Supreme Court is a pretty good examination of the facts, or at least it used to be, or we used to think it was, BC (Before Campbell)!

I never fail to be offended when I consider the different standards that are/were applied to say Glen Clark or the other Gordon, Mr. Wilson. Other than perhaps video taped child molestation, it would seem that if you are an important Liberal anything goes - and who knows, maybe they are like the Catholic Church when it comes to even that evil behaviour - the penalty might just be stepping down from cabinet and taking a seat on a board of directors for one of the party's owners.

Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 6:30:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did, or did not Basi and Virk sign a gag order? Their interview on TV, I felt they were very unhappy, their guilty plea, was not the way they wanted to go.

What will happen, if the Crown wins, the BCR documents? Seems Campbell is frantic to get those documents, before there is a Public Inquiry.

In all my years, I have never seen so much evil as, Campbell and the BC Liberals have shown us. They are corrupt and, use dirty, dirty, dirty tactics.

Friday, January 7, 2011 at 9:06:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not directly related but relevant none the less.

I just saw this on the BBC News website and thought it would be good to share.

If only we had a legal system and justice system in British Columbia, that the public could have faith in. We might even get to see the likes of "Bignose" Campbell, Cluck Cluck Clarke, Birdbrain Falcon, Dumb DUH Jong and others incarcerated too !


Friday, January 7, 2011 at 10:51:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Canadian Canary said...

Welcome back.

Friday, January 7, 2011 at 12:38:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Stuart said...

Welcome back Koot. Nice to see the return of your well thought out cynicism.

Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 9:00:00 AM PST  

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