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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Red Letter Day?
October 26


Tomorrow the trial that proceeds in slow motion if at all, is scheduled to proceed once again. Sometimes it seems difficult to even remember what the Basi/Virk-BC Rail Trial is all about. The unprecedented raid on the Legislature by the RCMP and Victoria Police was almost four years ago now and very little has happened. Twenty percent of the original search warrant is still with held from the public thanks to Patrick Dohm who is either protecting our sensibilities or perhaps protecting something or somebody else. Our wonderful Canned West Infotainment Corporation hasn't exactly be helpful in keeping the people of BC informed about this important matter, either.

Perhaps tomorrow something will happen. Perhaps it will be learned that indeed the Special Prosecutor and the RCMP have finally complied with the "orders" about disclosure. The way other slime is oozing to the top lately, it might be in certain parties' interest to actually let this trial proceed now, if for no other reason than to distract the public from other matters such as the following.

In Case You Forgot

There are three defendants in this case.

HMTQ vs BASI, Aneal
HMTQ vs BASI, Udhe S.
HMTQ vs VIRK, Bobby S.

and the charges against them include -

Accepting bribe as a
government official

Breach of trust by public

Accepting bribe as a
government official

Accepting bribe from
person dealing with gov't

Offering to influence
government official

Breach of trust by public

Fraud over $5000

Then there is the part that seems to use up the months - HMTQ vs LIMITED ACCESS, in which the defense would like/have to see the following.

Disclosure applications
be/will be/were adjourned.

Special Prosecutor provide
call logs for
Authorizations P32 and P53
to defence counsel on
appropriate undertakings.

Disclosure of transcripts
and audio recordings of
calls intercepted pursuant
to P32 and P53 as set out
in Schedule "A".

Special Prosecutor provide
defence with suffficient (*sic)
information about the
vetting of the Phase V
disclosure such that
defence is able to: (a)
determine whether to
pursue disclosure; and (b)
make meaningful
submissions to the Trail
Judge with respect to the
validity of the Special
Prosecutor's or RCMP's
assertion of priviledge (*sic),
or other reason for

Special Prosecutor provide
paper copies of all
documents unvetted during
the Vetting Meetings to
defence counsel

Special Prosecutor review
all documents over which
the Provincial Government
claimed Cabinet
priviledge, and to which
ACJ Dohm determined were
not relevent (*sic) to the
investigation, create an
inventory of same, and
provide all document which
may be relevant to the

Special Prosecutor: (a)
review the Filing Cabinet
documents; (b) cree\ate (*sic..what?)
a descriptive inventory of
same; (c) provide a copy
of the said inventory to
defence counsel; and (d)
disclose all additional
Filing Cabinet Documents
that may be relevant.

* Do we thank J.C.Word Assist
Official Court Transcription Contractor for the
Attorney General of British Columbia?

So, to all of you that purport to work in the halls of justice, helping the wheels of justice turn - some of us are watching you - Especially you, Justice Bennett, and you, Special Prosecutor Berardino. Justice should be blind, but you don't need to poke your eyes out!


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