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Friday, September 28, 2007

Canadian National
(C)an't (N)avigate

According to reports on CBC 1 Radio this morning, something happened in the CN "Yard" in Prince George, either last night or Wednesday. The 7:30am newscast said that seven cars derailed on Wednesday while the 8:30am newscast claimed that several cars went off the rails last night. I guess they could be both accurate as three "incidents" since Sunday would be about the normal frequency for the new improved CN operation of what used to be Our Railroad.

Both reports claimed that the cars remained upright and didn't spill any of their contents, which supposedly weren't harmful or dangerous anyway. It is pretty obvious to this observer that unless some video footage shows up on youTube, we'll just have to accept whatever CN Rail chooses to announce. Nothing at all happened according to the Vancouver Sun and Province and there isn't even any mention in Opinion250 of the apparent recent incident(s).

There is other news involving CN in the Province however. I think this article should win some kind of prize for being the least informative article this year in BC, and that is a very competitive category, as we have come to realize.

Man hit by train

News Services
Published: Friday, September 28, 2007

A man was struck by a train and hurled down a three-metre embankment yesterday.

He was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries. RCMP and CN police are investigating.

No kidding, that is the ENTIRE article, no editing or selective quoting from the old koot, really! Reading between the lines, I would tend to assume that this happened SOMEWHERE in BC and involved a CN train, with or without an engineer. I know I'm only guessing, but I doubt that CN Police would be investigating if the man was struck by a Canadian Pacific train. I could be wrong about this even occurring in British Columbia, but with the RCMP investigating, it probably happened in Canada, at least.

I'm not feeling ill-served though, because I am confident that if Britney Spears has a quote from the Koran tatooed on her butt, Canned West will make sure I can read it, in translation, if necessary!


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