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Sunday, June 06, 2010

for BC Rail Cultists

Distaff BC Rail Cultists Stylin'

I believe that braces or suspenders are the thing to wear in two situations. One, they are de rigeur when devastating forests in bucked off jeans. The other time they are the thing to wear is when one is in a state of suspense - isn't that why they're called suspenders?

Okay, joking aside, it is a suspenseful weekend as all seventeen* * of us in the BC Rail Cult (and perhaps some auxilary "ilks") ponder what will happen tomorrow, Monday the seventh day of June in the year 2010. As BC Mary opines at her one stop authority on the Trial that never seems to actually come around on the guitar, this weekend has been " ....tense hours of waiting for the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial to continue...

The ever illusive trial of the century, arising from an investigation (Project Everywhichway) that began in 2002, leading to a Raid on the Legislature at the end of 2003 that resulted in charges finally being laid against two (apparent) dupe fall guys/scapegoats late in 2004, MAY actually be underway as I type. Though originally scheduled to begin in 2005, since then the actual start has been postponed too many times to count/remember. The judge has been mysteriously replaced after years of complex pre-trial wrangling and evidence has been withheld or gone south to a US based data destruction company as recently as during last May's election.

Most of the involved big shots in government at the time of the BC Rail Sale/Lease/Theft/Giveaway, excepting the Capo himself, Gordon Muir Campbell, have gone on to other greener, or perhaps just more obscure, pastures, or in the case of former Transport Minister, Judith Reid, into witness protecton it would seem. For over seven years evidence has been withheld due to privilege, or questions not answered because of the StoneWally Oppal tape-loop "It's before the Courts." And now thanks to our new unbiased agenda free (yeah, right!) Justice MacKenzie, we have a brand new publication ban (as BC Mary points out - requested by neither crown nor defence) that makes it illegal to even talk about much other than MAYBE whether or not the court met that day, unless the jury is present, and about 9 days out of a dozen, there are reasons (not publicly disclosable, of course) for the jury to be sent packing after showing up.

The trial ostensibly began on May 18 and now over three weeks later we've had an opening statement by Wild Bill "sometimes I even show up in court, heroically bearing my conflict of interest" Berardino, including a witness list for the prosecution that is still only half known by the public and a couple days of testimony by Martyn Brown, the un-elected official who seems to actually run the province but at the same time seems blissfully unaware of pretty much anything that actually happens in government or cabinet. It would not be unreasonable to conclude from Mr. Brown's responses to Kevin McCullogh's cross-examination that he is being either less than truthful or has been in a coma for almost a decade.

So, hitch up your suspenders, and look forward to late tomorrow morning when we will either have more testimony, most likely from the man who knows nuthin' 'bout nuthin' or perhaps the jury will be sent home yet again for reasons that cannot be disclosed.

How EFFING long does it take to FIX a trial anyway?
* one of the so-called "real" or accredited (by their own self-appointed assperson dominated panel)journalists claimed that we who care about the theft of BC Rail are a cult of about 17 weirdos in tin foil hats!

* Update to Footnote

BC Mary said...
"....Now, much as it pains me to correct you ... and much as the actual facts of the matter pain me ... it was our esteemed (not) Opposition Justice Critic who referred to the "19 people who are interested in BC Rail."

His name is Leonard Krog, well-paid M.L.A. for Nanaimo..../snip

As BC Mary points out in her informative comment, it was actually Leonard "the dog" Krog who suggested that only a few cultists cared about the BC Rail Trial, though most likely some of the so-called journalists undoubtably jumped on the idea, seeing as they always have a difficult time trying to say anything about the BC Rail scam, without accidentally saying something actually relevant.......

Mary's complete comment that details how Mr. Krog did nothing but be a poseur over the whole issue is worth reading in whole.

If only we actually had an "opposition Justice Critic." This fall I think that Mr. Krog should also be targetted for recall, because it would hardly be an improvement to rid ourselves of the Campbell Mob to wind up with the likes of Krog as Attorney General. We will need an AG with a passion for justice to rebuild the compromised, degraded and corrupt mockery of due process that the Campbell regime have spent almost a decade creating. The NDP must have another lawyer in caucus - any lawyer who actually takes his oath seriously would be an improvement over what we have today, or what we would have in Leonard Krog! You would never know it, but the Attorney General's responsibility isn't to provide legal cover for the sitting premier and cabinet, but to represent the legal interests of the PEOPLE.


Anonymous BC Mary said...

Great piece, Koot.

Now, much as it pains me to correct you ... and much as the actual facts of the matter pain me ... it was our esteemed (not) Opposition Justice Critic who referred to the "19 people who are interested in BC Rail".

His name is Leonard Krog, well-paid M.L.A. for Nanaimo.

He double-crossed us on our challenge to the BCRail-CN deal (still partially secret) which triggered additional grants of land to CN on the 5th anniversary, i.e., July 14, 2009. Considering that the BCR-CN deal was known to be tainted, we didn't think it was right to shovel further gifts into CN's pockets. And other benefits.

We naturally thought that the BC Opposition would help, and that the Opposition Justice Critic was the person who would do that. That's what Opposition means in parliamentary terms, isn't it?

Ha. Krog stonewalled us until it was too late to do anything. Then he had his minions send an identical message to each of us saying ... it's "too expensive" ... "we would have no standing" ... etc etc ... mewling all the way like a stuck pig.

Then, by golly, he hosted a press conference on July 14, 2009 in Vancouver to flaunt himself ... HIMself ... as the guy who was challenging the BCR-CN deal. That's absolutely ALL he did. Got himself into the newspapers, of course. And it looked as if HE had done something for BC Rail. But he did nothing. Worse than nothing.

Because, not only that ... [don't get me started] ... he wrote privately to a friend (who sent me a copy) that the whole idea was a figment of BC Mary's imagination. Nice guy, eh. Real upstanding gentleman. The soul of virtue.

When I challenged him, he actually buttered me with compliments for my work on the BC Rail issues. Grrrrrrrrr.

So maybe an esteemed (and accredited) newsman picked up Krog's point of view ... but Krog originated it. What a destructive piece of work that was for him, his political party, and for BC. I mean, Krog, as Justice Critic, could have joined in the BC Rail effort and made a positive difference. Couldn't he?? Could've made it a plank in the next electoral platform. Couldn't he? The man is a fool. And he's the guy who coined that phrase, Koot.

I'm done now.

Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 4:39:00 PM PDT  

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