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Saturday, June 05, 2010

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Banned in Guantanamo

The fine folks at that paragon of blogging at its finest, the Galloping Beaver, recently received an honour from an unexpected quarter. Human and civil rights lawyer Candace Gorman, who represents Gitmo detainees wrote to say:
...when I was visiting Guantanamo last month and I was not allowed to visit your website while at the base. I received a notice that the website was not allowed to be accessed by the "administrator" (military censors)

Ms. Gorman ends her letter with this sentiment, which I (and the folks at the Beav) heartily share.
So, please take my congrats….I would consider it an honor to be barred by those thugs!

Best regards,

Ms. Gorman also runs the Guantanamo Blog, to "provide updates on developments concerning the plight of the detainees, the ongoing injustice of current U.S. detention policies in the "War on Terror" and efforts to hold accountable those men and women responsible for the war crimes." Recently she considered whether now that George Bush the Lesser is running around bragging about torturing the so-called 9/11 mastermind, while insisting he would happily do it again, she writes:
.....I wonder how he will respond to questions about waterboarding Abu Zubaydah (some 100 times) as the government has now been forced to admit Abu Z was not al-Qaeda or taliban .... just some shmuck who had the misfortune to be captured by my criminal Government.

Then there's Surrey!

Surrey, that vast void that seems to lack any sign of intelligent life (well Laila Yuile lives there, but she must feel like an alien) as usual has its priorities as confused as ever. This fastest growing festering sore between Vancouver and the USA, instead of dealing with planning for growth, dealing with crime, dealing with the lack of facilities for youth and yada, yada, yada, has in its wisdom, under the guidance of the accident prone mayor (that some think should replace Gordon Campbell), recently focused its council's time on REALLY IMPORTANT MATTERS. In its wisdom Surrey Council has rezoned ONE BLOCK of King George Boulevard in order to revoke the license of Roxxxy's Adult Novelty Shop. According to the Surrey Leader (being a leader in Surrey probably isn't too much of a challenge):
Roxxxy’s, which opened up last November in the 10700 block of King George Boulevard, recently had its licence revoked by Surrey, which claimed it was issued in error.

Owner Tony Perry locked the doors and hired a lawyer.

After reviewing the case, Perry’s lawyer said his client would probably win the battle, but he’d ring up a huge bill in the process.

I could care less if there is such a shop in Surrey or not but, until the council decided to waste time rewriting the law (sounds like the guys in Victoria after they are on the losing side of a court judgement) where Roxxxy's was located was the place zoned for such a business.....
In April, Surrey council passed a bylaw outlawing adult entertainment stores from locating anywhere in the city.

Until then, adult entertainment store or restricted theatre (theatre 2) zones were limited to the block where Perry’s store is located.

Adult stores, other than perhaps the classy ones that specialize in perfumed oils, candles and tasteful erotic négligés and teddies are the definition of a sunset industry. With the surfeit of porn for every taste available cheap or for free on the internet, most people (except in Surrey perhaps) realize they don't have to leave the comfort of their own home and risk the embarrassment of being seen leaving a store like Roxxxy's with a bag full of whatever.

Perhaps Surrey Council should get in touch with China and Gitmo, so they can block porn websites from the tender sensibilities of Surrey residents. Then again, perhaps SEX itself should be banned in Surrey, that could help get the out of control population growth under control. As an added bonus it would tend to prevent the uncontrolled growth in the population of the kind of people who live in Surrey and elect the kind of people they elect.

Win - Win as far as I can see!


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