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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's a Bird...

It's a Plane....

While most of us wonder about the "secret hearing" part or yesterday and whether "secret" stuff continues today....or not, it seems there may be NO SECRETS at the offices of Bill Tieleman. Mr Tieleman, as most people here would be aware, is our token reporter "allowed" to look into and actually "publish" articles about this flight of fancy to which I will affix the title BC Rail Trial. According to Tieleman Hit by Break-In by Rob Annandale at the Tyee yesterday. The article begins:

The office of a Vancouver journalist has been broken into in an incident he believes is linked to the political scandal he is covering.

Bill Tieleman, a regular contributor to The Tyee who has been writing about the B.C. legislature raid case, discovered upon his return from the courthouse Monday that someone had broken into his office via the ceiling and a vacant adjacent office after attempts to force his door apparently failed.

Although nothing was missing, Tieleman said the intruders had moved a copy of a book about the raid and an accompanying press kit across his office and placed them on top of fallen ceiling tiles.

"Somebody was sending me a clear message about the B.C. legislature raid," he told The Tyee. "There's no question about it."

We already have a character in this case who has achieved a certain, shall we say,- level of notoriety - for effecting entrances via the ceiling rather than the doors. Once upon a time, in the day, he may have been looking for old style typewriter keys to satisfy his insatiable hunger for the letter "n." Nowadays, maybe Spidey is just too durn shy to use the door, like normal folks. If I were the police though I would be looking into the whereabouts of all break and enter specialists favoring the "through the ceiling" M.O., and had a horse in this race, trial or charade.

Ah, it takes me back to a simpler time when we sang about girls who came in through the bathroom window. Is somebody protected by a "silver spoonnnnnnnn?"

I'll reserve comment on all the rest of the "super secret" stuff for the present as my interest in make believe real-life has been hijacked by more local matters of life and death. Besides, I wouldn't want to divulge some "protected" secret, bearing in mind that the secrecy of anything that I happened to find out about would be highly questionable.

Totally off the topic of the House:

I'm just catching up to the news today as yesterday morning our cat of 22 years passed on to the world where her sister, Alexia, has been for a few years. She was a beautiful cat, enjoyed her life mostly right up to the end. Yesterday was a day we knew would come soon, indeed would be for the best. But we miss you Delia and so do the other cats. She passed away quickly and apparently with little or no pain after a pretty nice weekend with lots of interaction with her people and cat friends and family.

Delia 1985 - 2007


Blogger BC Mary said...

Condolences, Koot.

Sheesh, YOUR cat for 22 years? That's quite a challenge, to let go after 22 years, eh. Maybe just think of that giant mountain of kitty litter.

At the present time, we're lucky to have a Rent-a-Cat whose real people are selling their house and then going on an extended vacation.

Jelly is a designer cat. God knows what his antecedents were. Has the poodle-clip. He's white with big black splotches. Tail is a black rope topped with a large black pom-pom which he carries proudly. The floor creeks as he walks. He snores when he sleeps.

We have to give him back in the New Year and I think there will be some wailing that goes with that event.

I hope you recover soon.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 11:16:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, koot.

22 years - that is a big portion of your life. It makes me sad, too. For Delia. And for you...and your family.

I was always a dog person until we took in a poor starving cat one night who soon gifted us with three kittens that we kept as well.

They just work their magic and their way into your heart - I found out they were much warmer than they like to let on. Sprightly and joyful, I love them dearly. (Also, they are born "investigators", always a good quality. ;-) )

I'm glad Delia was so well-loved and that she lived such a long and such a good life with your family.

Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 10:15:00 PM PST  

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