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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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BC liaR Party

Just Like John Slater's Political Career!

As John Slater, BC liaR MLA for the riding that includes Oliver, it must be like seeing his political future as he surveys the destruction from the mudslide that destroyed five homes, vineyards, orchards and farm buildings on Sunday just past. Fortunately, and actually almost amazingly, there were no fatalities or serious injuries as tons of mud, rock and trees came down the ravine and wreaked destruction in the peaceful neighborhood. However the same can't be said for the political future of Mr. Slater.

Mr. Slater, along with rookie MLA from the Cariboo, Donna Barnett, are the two most likely to be recalled come November once the 18 month time period to circulate recall petitions has expired. In the case of both MLAs the number of signatures on the anti-HST petition, which the arrogant Campbell government is so obviously going to ignore, has surpassed not only the amount of votes they received last May, but also they have exceeded the 40% of the registered voters in the riding required to have their seat declared vacant, necessitating a bye-election.

Recently resigned former Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom was skirting the magic 40% when he decided to pose as a heroic representative of his constituents and flee the sinking Campbell ship. As Bill Tieleman speculates in today's piece in the Mild One:
Is Lekstrom a politician of great integrity for listening to his constituents, who overwhelmingly oppose the HST and told him so?

Or is Lekstrom an unprincipled opportunist -- a "rat," as one B.C. Conservative already called him -- who knows the only way he could be re-elected to a $100,000 a year job and collect a gold-plated pension was by admitting the obvious, that the BC Liberals are finished, thanks to the HST?

I would tend to go with the later, or perhaps the fact that as Energy Minister he was ashamed of the fact that BC Hydro was selling Pirate Power onto the Columbia Grid last week for approximately 1/2 cent per kwh. That is a good deal for somebody, but not for the taxpayers and ratepayers of BC as thanks to the "green" (as in US dollars) energy policy of "Kermit" Campbell, implemented by minister Lekstrom, BC Hydro was coerced into buying this power from Gordo's friends for 12.6 cents per kwh - now that is the way to do business, buy high and sell low.

John "I've seen my political career MUDSLIDE before my eyes" Slater and Donna "I'll never collect my gold plated MLA pension" Barnett, aren't the only MLA's in trouble though. Other MLAs that are on the bubble with two or three weeks left to collect signatures are:

Pat Pimm - Peace River North: 3,992 votes in 2009, 7,791 petition signatures.

Terry Lake / Kamloops-N.Thompson: 9,830 votes in 2009; 10,532 petition signatures.

Bill Bennett / Kootenay East: 8,404 votes in 2009; 8,729 petition signatures.

George Abbott / Shuswap: 10,764 votes in 2009; 11,806 petition signatures.

Lekstrom, Barnett and Slater are merely the tip of the iceberg as even the private sector arm of the Public Affairs Bureau, the Canwest News (dis)Service admits that the four Vancouver Island MLAs are looking pretty shakey:
More than half those who responded in the four ridings represented by Liberal MLAs -- Cantelon, Ida Chong, Murray Coell and Don McRae -- said they would definitely sign a recall petition while another 22% said they would probably sign.

So you do the math - over half, plus 22% totals over 70%, so it appears to me that the doomed HST petition will have proven to be little more than a practice exercise for the real thing - getting rid of the most arrogant and frankly criminal government in the history of the province - WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT UNTIL 2013!

Keith Baldrey, Glow Ball TeeVee's chief apologist for the Campbell regime, at five and again at six, last night forced - first Deb Hope and then Chris Gailus to act like idiots and ask him if the signatures for the HST petition could be used for recall so Squirrel Cheeks could show off his genius and remind people that they could be jailed if they tried that. I'm sorry Mr. My Cheeks are Full of Nuts Bald Faced liar, but now that the anti-HST forces have all the signatures (complete with addresses etc.) they have, it will be pretty simple to go back and have the same, even more pissed off, people sign the recall petition, especially when the folks are reminded that the government CANNOT ignore the recall petition.

But I guess Keith just won't give it up until he has to. I just hope Gordo will take Keith to Maui, or where ever Gordo escapes to. Or even better, allow Keith to share his cell at Okalla with him, once his (Keith's) days as Asst. Liar in Chief are over.


Blogger Gary E said...

As far as Donna Barnett goes Koot, we reached the symbolic number of 40% (actually it was 40.26%) in 55 days. That's 5 days short of the time to get them in a recall.
I don't have TV so I don't know what squirrel cheeks said but it sounds like he was trying to threaten those who would start a recall.
How stupid does that fool think we are. Does he not think that we have read the act and we know what is going on. He's not only a fool, he's pathetic. Sounds like he's twisting things and fear mongering.

Just as an aside, I am on record up here saying that ANY delays in this initiative going to the legislature before November 15, 2010 I will personally pay the $50 and write a short essay as to why Donna should be recalled. We already have a crew started (with some experience)to handle a recall.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 9:56:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Grant G said...

These bastrds won`t quit until re drag them from office and....

That is exactly what we are going to do..."Recall in the Fall"

The new spin being bandied about is the not so subtle suggestion that in 2012 they will lower the HST to 10%...

That is so false and will never happen, the federal Government will not lower the 5% they get, hell their broke..

The BC Province is broke, a reduction of 2 percentage points would cost the BC treasury over $4 billion dollars per year...

This subtle spin about lowering the HST, they have an escape clause, ....They also say...

"IF" Government revenues are sufficient we could lower the HST to 10%....


These damn liars, that is such bullshit, what about the 1.1 million dirt poor BCers who will be getting HST rebates, they will never lower the HST, in fact the Federal end of the HST will rise this year..Ottawa is bleeding money, a structural deficit.

Time for tax reform, time for the corporate world to pay their share of taxes, if they don`t like it, they can go extract resources in Afghanistan!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 11:53:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Grant G said...

hey Kootcoot...You will never guess what Baldrey talked about tonight on the 6:00pm news...

BC Rail..nope...Putting children at risk..not...

Today Keith Baldrey(GLOBAL`S LEGISLATIVE REPORTER) talked about...

Drum Roll please...

He talked about a 16 year old teen-ager.....Apparantly this kid made a comment in the year book,the kid said....And I quote..

"The School spent money on repairing the fence rather than new textbooks"snip...

So the head of the school cut the boys picture and comment out of everyone`s yearbook except his own before the school handed them out!

Not exactly a legislative story, a fluff story...

Perhaps Magaret McDiarmid asked the school to remove this kid`s harmless comment under his own picture!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 8:32:00 PM PDT  

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