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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Sunday

Stupidity Standing
Kevin Krueger,
possibly the dullest knife in the LIEberal drawer

Kevin Krueger inadvertently reveals,
            source of LIEberal inspiration!

Those of you who may have thought that Calvin "the business of the nation is business" Coolidge and Doktor Goebbels, with his mastery of media manipulation, were the idols of the BC liaRs, can be forgiven. But this afternoon reading the wisdom (sic) of Kevin Krueger, it became clear to me that the true idols of the Campbelloids are......are you ready.....THE NDP! I always realized that they still blame the NDP for everything wrong in BC, almost a decade after the last NDP government. Also whenever they are caught doing something somewhat questionable, or downright despicable, the common excuse is well....the NDP used to do it, too.

But now, thanks to Kevin, we learn that the LIEberals use the NDP as the basis/excuse for things they don't do as well. Maybe Campbell and his gang of crooks should just as well call themselves dippers, we've always known they weren't Liberals - with Canadian parties after all what's in a name? Not much apparently judging by the PsuedoCons in Ottawa and our own criminal organization based in Victoria.

According to the low grade bird cage liner published in Victoria, the Times-Colonist
THAT'S SO 2000 --

Culture Minister Kevin Krueger says his government won't support a recent NDP private member's bill to help preserve First Nations heritage sites because ... well, the NDP should have done that when it was in power.

"The NDP's tabling a private member's bill is meaningless compared to what they could have done in 10 years as government," Krueger said. Therefore, he reasoned, the Liberals can let the bill die. It has been introduced by Maurine Karagianis four times in as many years.

The BC liaRs obviously hide
their big brains in Kamloops

Then, according to the T-A's partner in fiction and fluff from across the Georgia Strait, the Province, Terry Lake, in an attempt to demonstrate he has even less brain cells than the other representative from Kamloops, weighs in on possible LIEberal strategy to deal with the fact that more people have already signed the anti-HST petition than ever voted for them, with weeks yet to go. As "..head of the Liberal-dominated committee at the legislature that will decide the fate of the harmonized sales tax petition, should it succeed" the former mayor of the town that obviously has opportunities for the mentally challenged had the following to say.
"The committee could look at that initiative and say that it's invalid," said Kamloops MLA Terry Lake.

"I'm not a lawyer, but I don't know about the constitutionality of the wording of the petition, for example. The committee has the authority to call witnesses to clarify that sort of thing."

Tundra Trailer Trash Talk
or what Putin sees from his house!

The Palin Domicile on Lake Lucille

Today at FireDogLake, one of my favorite blogs from the US, I came across an amusing post My Wasilla Lunch with Joe McGinnis by 25 year Wasilla resident Edward Teller.

Last winter, author Joe McGinnis, who is writing a critical book about Sarah Palin, was looking for a place in Wasilla to rent this summer, as he continues his research. He was offered the house next door to the Palins’ Lake Lucille cult compound-in-progress. He wasn’t looking for the place. It came looking for him. What would you do?

As Joe recounted this and other details of what has gotten him to be next-door-neighbor to the most bizarre political joke in American history (move over, Aaron Burr), I was laughing so hard in Wasilla’s Mekong Restaurant, that my bean-thread noodles were getting all over the place.


Joe’s here to do a job: write a book about the political milieu from which Palin emerged. It might end up being the best book yet about Alaska. His Going to Extremes is the most durable of the spate of books that attempted to describe the gold rush atmosphere in the far north, as the Trans-Alaska Pipeline was being built.

Sarah's castle is the big one on the right. Even though these are 200 foot wide lots, and the grey house rented by Joe McGinnis was there before Sarah's was built, for some bizzare reason, the Palins chose to build almost on top of the neighbor's house. There are so many FUNNY and Palinesque things about the house and Sarah and Todd's reaction to their new neighbor that I would highly recommend anyone needing a few laughs to go on over to the Lake and read Teller's piece. Then, if your ribs don't hurt too much already, go over to – Photo of the Day: Palin’s Fencetrosity at the where the picture above comes from, which has some more illuminating and humourous commentary.

A few teasers.

The big fence was built in a hurry once Joe moved in.

The Palins actually rented the grey house at one time

Recently before Joe moved in, but while the Palins were living in their new house, the grey house was a meth lab.

The Palin Palace was built near the end of Sarah's reign as mayor of Wasilla and concurrent with the building of the outrageously expensive Sports Complex that is the legacy of her term - maybe Wasilla is after the Phoenix Coyotes.

....Todd claimed he and some buddies built this house – at the same time that the Wasilla Sports Complex was being built just down the road by a bunch of contractors who had been significant campaign donors to Sarah. The list of subcontractors on the Wasilla sports complex included Spenard Builders Supply, the state’s leading supplier of wood, flooring, roofin and other “pre-engineered components”. Easy to connect the dots here.

Construction on the lakehouse was conveniently finished just a few months before Sarah’s term as Wasilla Mayor expired.

Conclusion, Todd’s buddy who designed the house was architect Blase Burkhart, son of Roy Burkhart, frequently described as a mentor of Palin and head of the local Republican Party, as well as a a Palin campaign contributor. Blase was limited in choice of windows by the pre-engineered components being ordered for the sports complex.

Maybe tomorrow we can get back to more serious topics. Maybe tomorrow the BC Rail Corruption Trial will lurch back into action - or maybe Bobby Virk will have a hangnail, delaying the trial another week or two!


Blogger Gary E said...

"I'm not a lawyer, but I don't know about the constitutionality of the wording of the petition...."

Terry Lake is either ignorant, a fool, or both. The only truth he has spouted is that he is not a lawyer.
I'm not either but I can read and write. And the only constitution matter in this HST fight is that the provinces have the right to collect their own taxes. And NO ONE can take that away unless their is a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.Which their isn't. So this buffoon from Kamloops can beak off all he wants but I suggest he looks at the numbers on the petition in his riding of Kamloops North Thompson.

Hilarious piece on Palin, Koot. Seems like money does a lot of talking on both sides of the 49th

Monday, May 31, 2010 at 6:36:00 AM PDT  

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