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Thursday, May 27, 2010

BC liaR Party

Liar's Convention
Gordon C and and Colin H lead a recent meeing of Liars Anonymous

Blair Lekstrom says that there was wide consultation before introduction of the new energy legislation, that removes oversight from the BCUC for having the temerity to take into account the public interest - I call BULLSHIT. Gordon Campbell sez HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of jobs will be created by the Hey Sucka Tax - where - in China, Bermuda or for bartenders on Maui? When it comes to the Hey Sucka Tax, first they denied it was even a possibility, then days after re-election it is the best thing in the universe for the Bestest Place on Earth (for sleaze bags to prosper, they must mean)! AG Mikey DeJong puts on his "I'm so sincere face" and sez he wants to make the justice system more accessible to the people and in response to a caller who suggests televising the BC Rail Trial tries to make the excuse that it would take TOO LONG to get that organized - while Courtroom 20 is already set up for television - that having been done for the farce of an Air India trial. How long could it take to flip a switch and turn on a light or two? Of course the examples above barely scratch the surface of BC LIEberal duplicity.

If these guys would just go into writing fiction rather than politics they would probably be amassing Nobel Prizes - especially if the prizes were based on how fantastic and contrary to actual probablity were the plot lines. If you are a Liberal, on the front bench or the back bench you must master the art of lying or stay silent and just act like a baby in the House and vote the way you are told. Norman Farrell discusses the bizarre relationship between the BC LIEberal Party and the truth this morning at his fine blog in The Dog Ate My Homework.

Harvard Philosopher Sissela Bok says casual lying has become entrenched and is now an accepted part of many professions, including law, medicine and journalism. Bok also argues that lying by the government has begun to corrupt politics.


when politicians lie so blatantly about an issue under close scrutiny, imagine what they feel licensed to say in situations where public attention is not focused. Indeed, lying has become second nature to them. They now believe they have free rein to manipulate and distort the facts. It shows in almost every ministry, even those charged with protecting children and the environment.

Ironically as Norm points out, you can say virtually anything at all in the Legislature and be protected by privilege. You can LIE at will, indeed the only thing you can't say in the house is to suggest that another member is lying - even if they are. This little bit from Hansard that Norm dug up shows the inanity of this.

C. James:

"I'll tell the Premier and the B.C. Liberals what is clear. The B.C. Liberals told the public during the election — in fact, they even put it in writing — that they weren't going to bring in the HST. The B.C. Liberals betrayed the public in British Columbia. That's what's true.

Three days after the votes were counted, the B.C. Liberals were in negotiations with Ottawa. They betrayed the public. The public overwhelmingly has rejected the HST, and most importantly, the public has rejected the way it was brought in.

Again, my question is to the Premier. Will he stand up today, do the right thing and get rid of the HST?

G. Campbell:

This government believes the right thing is encouraging investment. This government believes the right thing is encouraging job creation. This government believes the right thing is strengthening the economy. That side has constantly been against that.

This government believes in creating a competitive tax regime that will encourage forestry, mining, energy, small business and economic growth in every single region of this province, and we will continue working on that option throughout.

An Hon. Member:

How about telling the truth?

Mr. Speaker:

Member, please withdraw that statement

So, if you are lucky enough to be elected an MLA, you can lie your face off and slander anyone at will - IN THE CHAMBER, but anyone who points that out, is out of order and can actually be removed from the chamber by the Sgt. at Arms (as I believe Dave Barrett was, once upon a time).

I was going to post about the HST Referendum Petition and some of my thoughts about how it is going and what those who are making it happen should do next. However I have some other stuff to do this afternoon - but hope to get around to these thoughts later this evening or in the morning.


Blogger G West said...

Y'know koot, there's one other little thing about BC Liberals that you've forgotten to underline: These folks all believe in magic.

They think that accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from business donors and friends has 'no connection' to their decision making.

These hard headed self-proclaimed captitalists and believers in value for money actually think that there is no connection between what these suckers pay for and the treatment they're getting from the Campbell Regime.

Or at least that's the kind of BS they think they can feed to the public on a continual basis.

Grow up, Gordon, the tooth fairy doesn't exist....

Friday, May 28, 2010 at 1:07:00 PM PDT  

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