One of the crime scenes

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Beginning

Good Afternoon all, thanks to the inspiration of BC Mary over at the Tyee I've been getting this blog put up this morning. Hopefully this will provide a place to get people and information together relevant to the events related to the investigation into suspicious wheelings and dealings in our Legislative Assembly. This investigation exploded into the public realm right after Christmas 2003 and then for the most part remained dormant ever since until recently when Judge Bennett finally released some of the information contained in the search warrants executed on the Legislature December 28, 2003.   More In future postings I will try to provide a chronology of what has happened to date and try to follow the events to come. I invite those who think this is important to forward relevant material to the e-mail address near the top right. Also I welcome any sincere individuals who would like to join the team. I don't see this as a personal blog. Also, this doesn't preclude the possibility of getting a domain and hosted website and may just be a place to begin. I will be hoping to hear from other interested parties.


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