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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Didja Hear?

Did you know there was a trial going on down at the Vancouver Law Courts at Robson and Smithe? This trial involves breach of trust, bribery, rigged bidding, untendered contracts and the questionable disposal of public assests by - AT THE LEAST - top level ministerial aides, if not the top levels of government itself, though so far no "elected officials" have been charged.

Well if you knew about this minor legal skirmish going on, resulting from the unprecedented, in what was once the British Empire, police raid on the British Columbia Legislature, you must do more than watch the Six O'Clock Snooze on Global TeeVee. Because this little legal wrangle fest just isn't important enough to crack the line-up of really important stuff that Chris "I've got Gall to spare" Gailus, Debra (I) Hope (you will someday talk about something relevant) and Squire Barnyard Boy have to discuss each night.

Actually, tonight Debra did discuss the issue of that icon of corporate responsibility, British Petroleum, sneaking into the back country between Sparwood and Fernie to begin exploration for coal bed methane gas. Of course Debra also made sure to give Gordo the Greed Pig, meeting this week with Fast Eddie Stelmach and the rest of the Western Clowns, the opportunity to point out how this was perfectly fine, as BP weren't operating underwater in the Crowsnest wild life corridor and thus could be trusted to do everything peachy cozy. Meanwhile the Prevaricator-in-Chief and Fast Eddie and friends are conspiring to remove the few environmental protections that still exist in HarperCon World. The fact that coal bed extraction has made people's water taps in Alberta catch on fire, and is threatening to permanently destroy the watershed for New York City, Philadelphia and much of the BosWash Megagopolis is irrelevant to our own white haired prevaricating traitor to the peoples interests. The fact that whole towns in Pennsylvania have become uninhabitable due to poisoned water is just so quaint compared to Gordo and gang making profits and the invisible criminal hand of the market.

No the really important stuff according to the GlowBall news room is:

  1. The school yearbook from Trail Lake Middle School in Courtney and whether the 10th grader's picture and comments should be cut out for cracking funny (but not in a distasteful manner), or now that they were cut out of 300 copies, if they should be reprinted with his picture replaced - this when schools are being closed and teachers laid off due to lack of education funding.

  2. Another school where a grad prank led to "traumatized" chickens.....jeeez!

  3. Even more ridiculous was an item about a neighbor mad at their neighbor for allowing a frog or two to live in their backyard - even though the lady can't find the frogs to serve them with an eviction notice. The lady with a pond was thrilled to discover a frog or two and a salamander had taken up residence in her yard and didn't consider the frogs night time calls anywhere nearly as disturbing as say passing Harleys or sirens in the night. But her neighbor is threatening to personally hunt down and kill the frogs or sue the lady - perhaps the neighbor should be in a padded cell, so he can enjoy a good night's sleep.

You have to hand it to Glow Ball though, they must really work hard to find the really important stuff, so they don't have to bother us with the inconsequential things like how Martyn Brown managed to be the most important un-elected official in the province for a decade, when he can't even apparently remember his own name, much less anything that happened this millenium or even in the last week or two.

Amazingly Mr. Brown was completely startled when he learned, IN COURT, that Blair Lekstrom had resigned from cabinet over the HST. I guess Mr. Brown is confused about the difference between being a witness and being a member of a jury. Due to his being grilled by attorneys trying to overcome his amnesia for the last couple of weeks he hasn't seen a newspaper or a newscast. Over all Mr. Brown seems pretty confused about damn near everything. Perhaps Mr. Bolton, assuming Mr. Brown can find his way back to the courtroom tomorrow, should ask Mr. Brown the name of his boss!

Then again, maybe Gordon Muir Campbell is just a compassionate man and makes a practice of hiring the mentally handicapped for really high paid and important jobs!


Blogger Norm Farrell said...

Actually. Martyn was told about Lekstrom resigning but that was a long, long time ago, days even. Way back, last week. Such an important person can't remember every detail that crosses his viewfinder.

Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 12:22:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stopped watching Global news years ago. Their right leaning stories, and lack of news was frustrating.

BTW, people who complain about frogs ribbiting at night-they are the problem of our society today. So unattached to the rhythms of nature and our environment allows one to exploit and abuse it.

Go camping at least idjits. Meet some nice people for a change.

Friday, June 18, 2010 at 2:40:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have stopped buying any newspapers from Vancouver. Most of them are biased, as are their journalists. There are hundreds of BC people, who see the trial of the corrupt sale of the BCR a farce. The judge is a total disgrace to her profession. Martyn Brown, seems brain dead, especially concerning Campbell's part of the corruption. However, Campbell, is said to control, newspapers, RCMP, TV media, the Judicial system, Foi, Elections BC, and all of his ministers. It seems, anyone opposing Campbell, finds themselves out of a job. Campbell and Hansen, are the masters of vendetta's. Honest officials, are soon replaced, as the BC Liberals, are not able, to pass a scrutiny test.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 2:20:00 PM PDT  

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