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Monday, January 14, 2008

Basi, Virk AND...
Mr."Limited Access"

Who'd a thunk, but the BC Rail trial is happening this morning down by Robson Square. Just what is happening, if anything and if any "real" media will illuminate the people of our province about it is too mysterious to predict. I thought I would reproduce the original charges that (supposedly) are the reason for these semi- frequent brief get togethers at the courthouse, and then even they began to look strange.

Vancouver Law Courts, January 14, 2008 Case 23299-1
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Three government aides were originally charged in this case, Aneal Basi, Bobby Virk and David Basi, the most senior (we were told) of the aides, the Pat Brady to Finance Minister Gary "Ferret" Collins' Roy Rogers. But today we just have the hapless Bobby Virk and cousin Aneal mentioned and the rest of the seven plus pages of charges and motions etc. are all to do with that mysterious character "Limited Access." Perhaps Mr. Dave has legally changed his name to "Limited Access," I must admit, I don't subject myself to enough Canned Waste publications to keep up to date on name change announcements.

It could simply be a mistake, I guess even JC Assist could commit human error, perhaps even more than if they were a part of government doing the government's work. Either way it is being done at PUBLIC expense, don't delude yourselves about that for even a nanosecond. I've discovered proceedings in this case "accidentally" published on the wrong courthouse page, which in itself was a pretty fortuitous accident. I do have other things to do rather than check the listings for every courthouse in BC, everyday.

Overall I would be willing to suggest that we as citizens of British Columbia are POORLY served by this government AND the loyal (to whom?) opposition AND the press when it comes to being informed about what is happening in our province and to our province.


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